Our Abusive Relationship With The US Government

We all know that the national debt is higher than any nation in history and exceeds any other nation currently. Right now, the US accounts for 1/3 of all global debt.

To make matters worse is Debt To GDP, which is a ratio between what a nation owes in comparison to what it earns. Obviously, this means that if a nation owes more than it earns, this is a bad omen. It is the same as if you owe more credit card debt than household income. The lower the ratio, the more a country can afford to spend on social support programs and programs that help grow economic strength. At last full accounting, the end of 2017, Japan had the highest ratio, at 253%. The US had a ratio of 105.4%. Lowest of all G20 nations was Russia, at 12.6%.

One must question the decisions of any government that has a high debt yet continues making decisions which drive that debt higher needlessly. Even more so when that government cuts spending on social support programs which benefit not only the welfare of citizens but benefit the economy as a whole.

If you have ever read on abusive relationships, you know that one form of abuse is financial abuse. This is where the abuser uses money as a means of threat, control and abuse against the victim. The victim is continuously told that they cannot afford items which are desired or even desperately needed, even as the abuser spends extravagantly in ways that offer no benefit to the residents of the household. In fact, they often engage in behavior which threaten the well-being of the residents in ways other than financial. In addition, financial abuse is consistently concurrent with other forms of emotional and physical abuse.

In a long-term abusive relationship, the victim often comes to view the situation as normal and suffers low self-esteem, feeling themselves unworthy of anything better. They will enforce the abuse on themselves and other household members. They become active parties to the abuse on all levels.

This is the situation this country is in now and have been for some years.

Consistent with an abuser, our government or various parts of our government keep secrets which affect our welfare negatively, yet consider themselves above questioning. You have no right to answers, no matter what the risk. From redacted pages from the 9/11 report still held secret 17 years later to prosecution of whistle blowers to Hillary’s emails, DNC emails, Trump emails and more, we are not allowed to ask questions. They are privileged, you are not.

The same is true of economics. We are told what benefits the abuser and their partying, whoring friends benefits you, even as they steal money from your purse/wallet and leave the pantry empty. No, you cannot afford to go to the doctor but the abuser can hand money to his fellow abuser across the street for weapons to abuse others.

How dare you ask for anything for yourself or your children? You selfish, self-serving, unrealistic fool? How dare you question? I know more than you do and do not have to answer you! You want food, heat, clothing and medical care? Too bad, you’re not good enough until I say you are good enough! Now shut your kid up because they’re worse than you are! In fact, I am going to punish you even more just for your attitude!

The problem with the national debt is that it is intended to be too high. As long as there is any part of the household budget which is visible to the victims, then it must be maintained in a way to justify the abuse. Incite fear to gain willing accessories to the abuse. Russia! China! Iran! Illegal immigrants! Be afraid! Help abuse other household members!

Just don’t ask for medical care, increased wages or bridges that aren’t collapsing. Those cost too much. But we can afford to give billions to other countries, spend more daily on warfare and give tax breaks to the rich.

As things have been, citizens had not been feeling any direct effects from the national debt. Not that they were aware of or understood, though the effects have absolutely been there. You just thought it was normal. Like a national case of Stockholm Syndrome. You related to your abuser and even defended them. Maybe you still do. So the debt has to go higher. And higher. And higher. Once you get used to the debt being at a certain level and get accustomed to that pain level, then it must go up further, otherwise you may feel part of the debt could be spent on our own people. The debt goes up and it’s your fault. You want too much for your own society to function.

Both parties wield the national debt over American heads like a club, ready to strike at the least dissension. The police become more militarized and we pay for it. Even as violent crime is at 40 year lows. Riot police mobilized to silence our voices and we pay for it. Medical costs increase and we pay for it while corporations post record profits year upon year. The value of the dollar is decreasing and we will be paying for it. The cost of political campaigns reaches record level with each election and we pay for it, one way or another. Corporate lobbying is continuous and costs consumers billions per year, to push legislation to our detriment. Tens of thousands of Americans die every single year due to lack of medical care and exposure from homelessness. We pay for it in many ways.

We no longer have a choice but to recognize the fact that American society as a whole is in an abusive relationship with our government. It’s time to stand up to our abusers. Before the abuse becomes any more lethal than it already is.

Issues unite, names divide

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