People still screaming about Russia on the Steele dossier and Uranium One.
You’re missing the point.
We KNOW that countries spy and attempt to gain influence in other countries.
Fact is, we do NOT know Russia was involved in the Steele dossier. NONE of it has been verified. It all seems to be fiction.
If it actually came from the Russian government, don’t you think they would have offered a means of verification of at least SOME of it?
We know people in Russian government were involved in Uranium One but we do NOT know how high up. That will take more digging.
None of this was presented by Russian sources, so it cannot be called propaganda. None of it was initially reported on RT or Sputnik. I repeat, NONE of it.
No, what this shows is corruption in OUR government. The people who are allegedly supposed to protect against corruption are the most corrupt on the freaking planet.
Threats and bribes? We do not know yet who was doing the threatening and bribing, if they were domestic or foreign, only that the COMPANY is foreign owned.

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Issues unite, names divide

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