For years, we have been governed by a system and series of “investigations” regarding corruption in our government.

Have you noticed what does not happen as a result of these “investigations”? We never see changes in the system which prevent more of the same corruption from happening in the future.

Here are a few points which cannot be justifiably debated against which illustrate how corruption happens and will keep happening. These are things our government, our media and most Americans never bother to take into consideration.

Political party communications should not be private. We saw corruption in the DNC in 2016 by leaked communications. The DNC servers were never examined by the FBI or any of three “investigations” into the matter. The servers were subsequently destroyed by the DNC to avoid any examination. Though evidence has arisen that images of those servers, if not the physical servers, have made their way to Ukraine. Some will still claim the communications were hacked but that argument doesn’t even matter. The media and most of the public have never bothered questioning or challenging the concept that the communications of elected (and appointed/hired/volunteer) personnel within our government were held private and not prone to subpoena. Every bit of this has to do with the operations of our elections and our government. None of it is classified or has anything to do with national security. So, why do they have the right to keep these communications private from even intelligence agencies?

Primaries should not be closed. Every taxpayer in this country pays for the primaries held in each state. Yet many primaries are closed. Others like AL claim to have open primaries but then mandate that you only vote in primaries of one party. Many states require ballot access fees to be listed on ballots which are already paid for by taxpayers. These are all methods of shutting third parties out of elections, especially primaries. All ballots should be open to any and all parties with no additional financial charges.

Presidential debates should not have poll requirements. While one can agree a party should have a membership requirement, this would imply that every state allows a voter to list themselves as a member of that party. Otherwise, the one and only requirement to be included in presidential debates should be that a candidate is the democratically named nominee for that party. It doesn’t matter if we have 20 parties, every party should be represented on the debate stage. There should be no requirement to be included in debates which include reaching a certain number on specific corporate-controlled polls using arbitrary and biased language. Less so when the specified polls are named by the Council on Presidential Debates, which is funded and controlled by the RNC and DNC.

Our political campaigns should not be funded by corporations who stand to benefit by the outcome. The first, foremost and ONLY consideration of elections should be the welfare and benefit of the voters according to their democratic will. No matter how you look at it, you pay for these campaigns by paying for the profits of corporations. Often, some of the biggest contributors are military contractors who get their money from your tax dollars. Then they literally bribe candidates/elected officials through campaign donations and lobbying efforts. Yet you have NO say in how that money is spent or who it benefits. Our elections and campaigns should be funded by federal and state dollars. Corporate lobbying should be made a criminal offense.

Our military does not belong in other countries. While people argued vehemently about Benghazi because US personnel were killed there, what is never discussed is why our people were there to begin with. There is the argument of pulling our troops out of Syria, where our military presence is illegal. Our military retaliates against attacks on our military personnel and installations, yet too few Americans ask why our military is even in those locations at all. If our military were not in those countries, there could be no attack against them. We spend hundreds of billions of dollars each and every year maintaining a military presence in countries that have nothing to do with us militarily. Our service members are placed in danger for no reason. Our military requires ridiculous amounts of equipment and resources. Military contractors make profits that no arms dealer should make. There is NO ethical justification for any of this. The only country our military belongs in is our own country.

We should not be selling weapons to countries that oppose peace. While our government claims to support a peace process, name the last time we hosted peace talks. We sell weapons at a net loss. If we truly support a peace process, then we should embargo arms sales to any country that refuses to engage in active, ongoing peace talks. Meaning if talks stall, so do weapons sales. Any nation that fires the first shot in an official military confrontation should be denied arms sales completely for the length of the conflict. That includes formal military/police attacks against populations that have no formal military force. Then reduced for several years afterward. Honestly, I oppose any weapons sales to any country at all. If a country wants weapons, they should develop their own industries and technology for that purpose.

We have no right to enforce sanctions by other countries. If the US has a dispute with another country, we have no right to enforce sanctions on that country by other nations. Sanctions are considered acts of war by the UN Peace Council and should be viewed as such. Any sanctions involving food, food processing, medicine, medical equipment, agricultural equipment and supplies, water filtration or electrical generation should be illegal and off limits. Other sanctions should only be imposed by Congressional action and accompanied by formal declarations of war. As of this moment, the US is imposing over 80 sanctions on over 20 countries.

The AUMF should be repealed. The use of military force against any nation or entity should not exist at all without a formal declaration of war. Any declaration of war should be against a specific entity or government. The “war on terror” has been used as justification to arm proxy military forces, terrorist organizations and enact regime change across the globe for decades. Even aiding an ally militarily should not be done without a formal declaration of war against a specific enemy named in that declaration.

All US military intervention should be humanitarian in nature. IF the US military intervenes in other countries, it should have nothing to do with removing a government or direct confrontation. It should be to establish and protect refugee safe zones within that country. Any exceptions to this should only be conducted with UN approval and involvement. In no way should our presence be to determine the form or personnel involved in the government of any other nation. Ever.

Healthcare should be considered a human right. Period. Not a profit machine for the already rich.

Yes, of course people can try and debate against all of these points. If you care to try, pack a lunch and bring your ethics. If you know what ethics are. Don’t mention Trump or any other names. Stick to the subject with no diversions. No hate speech. No insults. This is about human rights. Remember those? Or have you completely forgotten them in the midst of your TDS? These are the things that matter. Not some everlasting BS impeachment drama. I’m ready for you. Bring it on.

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Issues unite, names divide

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