Many people bemoan the fact that since Trump came along, we have seen all forms of prejudice in the open. There is the belief that prejudice in all forms is increasing- racism, sexism, gender identity, religious prejudice, wealth inequality, etc.

I admit that this appears to be true. However, appearances are deceiving. I am seeing something very different.

I said while Trump was running for office that no matter what laws are enacted, you cannot make a person prejudiced who was not prejudiced to begin with. Yes, bigots feel more emboldened now. That doesn’t mean that they were not there to begin with. They’ve been with us all along, hiding in fear and shame for good reason.

Some like to think that bigots are motivated by a loss of wealth or privilege. There is no truth to that. We see bigots travelling to the border, armed with guns, driving RV’s, etc. These people are able to take time off from work or are unemployed yet have the means to travel and still own weapons which are not inexpensive, buy gas, rent hotel rooms, etc. This indicates that they have wealth and privilege which most do not have.

Seriously, if you had accumulated paid time off from work from a stressful job, would you spend that time in the desert, walking around with a gun, seeking to abuse poor people on foot, trying to find safety and a more secure existence?

Lack of prejudice is a sign of emotional and spiritual evolution. Being able to accept others when they are different from yourself is a sign of maturity. Qualities of emotional and spiritual advancement which these bigots neither possess nor care to develop.

These are people mindlessly claiming that immigrants are crowding this country and taking jobs away. Even as they cross large stretches of empty land while taking time off from their jobs. Or claiming immigrants get government support, while these people are claiming welfare and travelling to the border.

Many of these people claim to be Christians, while ignoring what their own alleged religion teaches. They claim that Islam teaches violence, which it does not. They claim that immigrants bring crime, which they do not. The current, very white, director of the FBI is Christopher Wray. He said that the majority of cases of domestic terrorism investigated by the FBI are caused by some form of white supremacy. Yes, he used the word “terrorism”. Oddly, this man was appointed by Trump.

No, I am not giving kudos to Trump. In response, Trump announced he is considering naming the anti-Nazi movement Antifa as a terrorist organization. Yet Antifa is not a group or organization, it is a movement opposed to fascism. I will be writing something separate about that for those that oppose Antifa, among other things.

There is a definite benefit to prejudice being in the open. Like the old saying goes, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.” In other words, it is easier to fight against evil which is clearly displayed. You know who your enemy is, you know who your allies are.

Some believe that the Democratic Party are our allies. While there are some minority members of the DNC who are allies, as a party the DNC is not to be trusted. Bill Clinton enacted the crime bill which decimated the minority community. Obama bailed out Wall Street and ignored homeowners, many if not the majority of whom were minorities. Over the past 20 years we have seen the rise of for-profit prisons with no opposition from the DNC. Police have no oversight even with the mass numbers of black men arrested and killed by police. We are only now seeing changes to erase marijuana possession charges and restore voting rights for inmates. That has only happened because of grassroots mobilization. The legalization of marijuana is moving forward because of outliers who have advanced the agenda, while the DNC still opposes or is at least neutral on the issue, thanks to pharmaceutical, alcohol and corporate prison campaign donations and lobbying.

The people who want prejudice to be out of sight don’t understand the issue well. This is wanting to stop talking about it because they find it stressful. Put yourself in the position of those who have been subjected to passive-aggressive prejudice their whole lives. Not just minorities but women as well. People who have been denied promotions, employment, housing, credit, safety, justice. Those who have lived in absolute terror to see lights in the rearview mirror or afraid to call police even though they have done nothing wrong. Can you imagine such an existence for your entire life?

Obviously the ultimate goal is to eliminate prejudice. Unfortunately, it’s not going away easily. However, the stage that we are in now are the dying throes of what has been a way of life and mind for too many people for far too long. The bigots are backed into their corners and trying to perpetuate that as a right. Meanwhile their communities and even families who have tolerated that prejudice are abandoning them. It is they who can now be denied jobs, promotions, etc. The younger generations will not accept that prejudice, knowing just what damage it does.

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Issues unite, names divide

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