We see stories about the Democratic Party or this candidate, that candidate changing singular actions because the people pushed them leftward.

This is our problem in a nutshell. That we have to push them. We should not have to push. They should be asking us what we want. They don’t. In fact, when we tell them what we want, they push back against us. That’s okay because that tells us what their true intents are, where their true loyalties reside.

The problem is, we don’t have a truly left party or candidates “that can be elected”. You know, “third parties can’t win” and the duopoly makes damn sure of it. The tragedy is how many people keep playing right long.

You cannot demand a change in the system while fighting to maintain that system against those of us demanding actual change. You are fighting against your own best interests. Or ultimately admitting that these were never really your interests to begin with. You really didn’t care from the start. You just want to “win” at any cost, with no change and keep the status quo.

Well, you cannot keep the status quo. The status quo is collapsing as we speak.

You want reform to the electoral system? It will not happen by focusing on “Well, who do you think is a viable candidate?!” You can keep your snotty, self-superior tone. You sound exactly like the Establishment status quo jackasses who fought against change in 2016. Change will only happen with changes to the election funding as a beginning step. It is not optional. You think what the DNC is pushing is real change? Look again. Watch what happens with how much is spent over the next two years. Their bill hands them an extra $5 in federal funding for every $1 in small donations. Who pays the bill for that? You do. Who will reap the benefits? They and their corporate masters will.

Is that the change you want?

Or maybe you want the electoral college eliminated because that’s how your candidate lost in 2016? You can stop denying who was your candidate now. Without the electoral college, only four states will determine the results of every national election- NY, FL, CA and TX. These are also the states with the highest concentration of the 0.1% and which control 100% of the corporate media. Meanwhile, independent media is under constant attack by censorship and demonetizing.

Is that the change you want?

You want more transparency in election funding? The DNC benefited by dark money in the midterms more than the RNC did. Most Republican donors don’t hide who they give money to, they do it in the open. They announce who is under their control. The Democrats are the ones to hide it, so they can claim to be on your side while taking money from oil, gas, coal, insurance, drug companies and military contractors. Maybe you’re okay with that. Instead, you should be in favor of there being no need for transparency because our elections should be funded through taxes and there would be no corporate money involved at all. If all you want is exposure, that’s not going to change anything at all except what gets posted on a website. It makes no change to who runs the government. The corporations.

Is that the change you want?

You want universal healthcare? What do you think the chances of that are while the DNC elite band together with many Republicans in Pelosi’s “bipartisanship” and refuse to even discuss the issue because their donors don’t like it? While corporate media refuses to discuss it because their advertisers don’t like it? What you are going to wind up with is going to be another corporate welfare system like the ACA, only with a different name. While the ACA was a right wing system, originally Romneycare, under a different name. You will still have a premium which pays more to corporate profits than it is likely to pay for your care. You will still have a $4000 deductible with no cap. You will still be unable to afford your prescriptions and your housing payment.

Is that the change you want?

You want less defense spending? You’re not going to get it as long as elected officials and candidates keep pushing up international tensions, making unverified claims, insisting on regime change and telling you how everyone is our enemy. You will not have it while we have no diplomacy and no demand or support for diplomacy. You will not have it while we have MIC lobbyists that outnumber members of CONgress who have CONgressional representative’s ears while you do not. You cannot have peace while keeping your fear and hatred and division and support drone strikes and cheer for “a stronger national defense”. You’re the reason this stays the same and gets worse.

Is that the change you want?

The fact is, if you want change, then the change has to begin with you. If you are not willing to change, stop expecting the system to change for you. So keep your platitudes. I want nothing to do with them. You cannot convince me and you cannot convince yourself. You know the truth. And so do I.

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Issues unite, names divide

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