A few weeks ago I was planning on increasing my frequency of writing. That hasn’t worked out quite as anticipated. I was surprised when I counted only 9 articles which I had published in the past month.

In addition, I intend to begin compiling some of my writing into a book. Have not started on that yet.

Part of that delay was health related, part financial. Been too busy earning a living and with mundane life to get as much writing done as I’d like for the past few weeks. Making schedule adjustments now and should be able to compensate better.

A blog such as this comes with certain challenges. Personally I maintain a dynamic list of articles which I plan to write. Though some are time-sensitive, so sometimes I may be working on one article when something acute happens which displaces it. Other times I miss that arbitrary deadline. I had planned on writing something about Kavanaugh but the vote on his confirmation is scheduled for today, so that may not be written. I’ll just say I fully expect him to be confirmed by both parties due to his corporate-friendly past. Other times I have been known to start an article, lose my train of thought while having numerous articles started and some get lost in the shuffle. I have gotten organized enough to establish a special file for unfinished pieces that I can go back to.

There can be a perception that writing a blog such as this takes a strong degree of arrogance. The real truth is that I used to write occasionally under a pen name. When I decided to use my own name and begin first a YouTube channel, it took a full year before I worked up the courage to break through my introversion and sit in front of a camera. What motivated me and still does is reflected in how I typically write. It is not personal, instead I focus entirely on the subject at hand. My thoughts as I write are on my thoughts, not what people think of me for thinking or stating what I do. I am also not averse to admitting if I am wrong on a subject, though that will only happen with enough hard evidence. Because I focus on verifiable proof to begin with, that doesn’t happen often. That’s not arrogance, that’s critical thinking.

Right now of course my biggest challenge is financial. Just having enough money to spend more time writing and doing the reading and research necessary to offer a valid statement on a given subject. That alone takes some time, trial and error. Figure out what combination of sources is most visible, most efficient and most profitable.

I notice this is a challenge right now for most Progressive content creators across various media. Most have to publish on multiple platforms and some have side gigs as well. That’s okay, though. What that really means is that we are more in touch with our audience than those in MSM, who place themselves on pedestals far out of reach and isolated from those they merely preach to. Progressive creators are far more likely to respond and engage even with detractors than MSM creators, who seem to see themselves as beyond question, challenge or reproach. We are what journalism should be. We can be approached, react to questions, adjust to new information on a continuous basis. That is how you make Progress.

So, in the near future I will be building a website. Something I had planned on a few months ago. I even have a web host already paid for. Building and transferring all my content there will take time and effort but will be worth it. That’s all a matter of building an image.

I’m a long way off from making it to any blogger or YouTuber conventions as anything but a spectator. Sure, I’d love to go as a fan of Jimmy Dore, Caitlin Johnstone and Aaron Mate but I’d prefer being able to shake their hands and have actual conversations! Even better if I could ever meet Noam Chomsky and a few leaders like him!

Even if I never make it there, I am going to continue doing what I’m doing. The Progressive movement needs fearless voices and I enjoy being one of those. If I succeed, it will be with a sense of humility, appreciation and a connection to the people I hope to help create a better society for. Because I cannot do it alone, none of us can. It will not happen with corporate cooperation but in full opposition to them. A better society sill only happen by grass roots efforts. As recently as 3 years ago, I doubted we could do it for lack of solidarity. Now I see the movement growing daily. More dedication, more motivation, larger crowds, stronger conviction. I’ve said many times: We have no heroes. We are our own heroes. It’s time we acted like it.

The sad part of being committed to ideals is that it often means you seem to place those ideals above the people you connect with. Even when those ideals are for their benefit. I’ve had to part ways with many who chose to follow the crowd, join the cults. They became indoctrinated. You know it when you see it in their eyes, when they start repeating the mantras, refusing to discuss anything. Instead they insist you assimilate, join the chant, say the prayers, bow to the leaders, give up your ideas, march in line, drink the Koolaid. We true Progressives simply cannot give in to that siren’s call. We can only try and reawaken those who parts ways with us and, if we cannot, hope they rejoin us further down the road as allies, not foes. In the end, staying true to our own values and not giving in is more in their interest than remaining friends and marching along could ever be.

I’m sure I will write an occasional piece like this just as a self reminder of my own motivation, where I really began from, where I’ve been and where I’m going. Happily, with a wonderfully supportive gf right along with me. That helps a lot.

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Issues unite, names divide

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