Realistic Review of the Mueller Report, Pt 4, Conclusion

I am not going to copy over any more excerpts from the Mueller report. The remainder of the report which I have not quoted consists of repetition of things I have already noted, in longer form, opinions, appendices including a glossary of terms/names/abbreviations/etc and Trump’s response to questions, which even Mueller doesn’t bother to claim as evidence of wrongdoing.

So, if you really want to take issue with me not going through those things, then kindly read the entire report for yourself. It was never my goal to simply post the entire report or I would have done so.

Throughout the entire Mueller report, he repeatedly uses “media reporting” as alleged evidence of Russian hacking of the DNC. Since when did the media examine the DNC servers? Why did he never subpoena the servers? Why did he not summon the CEO’s of Crowdstrike? Why did he not summon the DNC elite? Why was there no questioning of Hillary, John Podesta, DWS, Donna Brazile?

It is known that FBI agents were called to testify. None of their testimony is included in the report. The report never mentions the necessity of firing Strzok from his probe. The text messages between Strzok and Page are never mentioned.

Mueller never examined or mentioned Uranium One, in which money actually changed hands to the Clintons and Clinton Foundation. Of course, if he did he would have had to recuse himself from his own probe because he was at the very top of the Uranium One deal. He approved the “intelligence” on it.

Of the entire report, my favorite quote is very early on, found on page 10, “ the investigation established that certain actions or events occurred. A statement that the investigation did not establish particular facts does not mean there was no evidence of those facts.”

If you are not presenting facts, then the entire report is nothing but opinions based on opinions. “Evidence” based on media reports which are based on opinions and unverified claims with nothing ever examined. Would you accept this from a legal investigation? Would you accept this from a lawyer? If you place any stock in the validity of the Mueller report, you just did exactly that. This is not justice.

This was never an investigation. An investigation begins at the scene of the alleged crime, in this case the DNC servers. That never happened. An investigation interviews all witnesses. That never happened.

An investigation does not issue indictments of foreign intelligence officials while offering no evidence, refuse discussion on the matter and then claim that their refusal to be tried in the US, known to use torture, is evidence of guilt. That happened.

This report offers no evidence where there should be evidence. It offers evidence which would fail any judicial precedent as evidence. It would not be allowed in a court of law because it relies entirely on hearsay and opinion.

Ultimately, the Mueller report is an absolute condemnation. Of Mueller. It is a condemnation for what is included and what is not. For who was included and who was not. It is a condemnation for investigatory and judicial misconduct. It is a condemnation for making inference of guilt yet coming to no conclusion, which was the entire point of his “investigation”. For making claims of influence without placing the claims in numerical context. Most of all, it is a condemnation for the social and political turmoil it has resulted in. Claims of American citizens being agents of a foreign power and that social movements were products of or influenced by a foreign power. For the consequences of tens of billions of dollars in increased “defense” spending in just two years and the very real risk of military conflict with a major nuclear power. Then he simply decides he will make no more public announcements on the subject and may not respond to summons to testify further to Congressional inquiries. He has known every risk involved along the way and did not care. He got paid and that’s all that matters to him. He is no better than Joseph McCarthy in my opinion.

Robert Mueller should be put on trial for this report and I seriously hope that happens at some point.

Until then, we all need to ignore any more talk of Russia and focus on actual issues and policies. If you see reports talking about Russia or Mueller, change the channel, click to the next page, block the person sharing it. Anything to shut it down and bring us back to what matters.

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