Realistic Review of The Mueller Report, Pt I

Today, Mueller spoke publicly about his report. Problem is, his statement adds absolutely nothing to the discussion. He said absolutely nothing which is not in the report, which says.. nothing.

I find the timing of Mueller’s public statement to be interesting. The DNC and the media first freaked out because Trump withheld the release of the full report by Executive Order. They screamed and cried that he was hiding something and the full report should be released. Then a few days ago he said he wanted the full report released to the public and what happened? The DNC and the media freaked out.

Trust me, I want to see the full report with all interviews, documents, etc. Do it now, so there is plenty of time to go through it before 2020.

One statement the media is making big noise about is, “There were extensive systemic attempts at obstruction.” He also said he did not have the option to charge Trump with a crime. Both statements are extraordinarily vague. Here’s what his statement does not say: His statement does not say he would have filed criminal charges against Trump if he did have such ability. His statement does not say any attempts at obstruction were conducted by the administration.

I find these omissions extremely problematic. As an experienced lawyer in such a powerful position, I would expect his statements to be far more detailed and accurate. He also made it clear that he would not be making any future public comments, then walked off stage (I mean stage in the literal sense of the word.) without taking any questions which would have clarified his vague comments.

So, I have promised a detailed evaluation of the Mueller report, all 448 pages of it. I’m not done with it yet but so far it is even more vague and contrived as his statement today, about as substantive and worse than I expected, seeing that he and the FBI agents involved have had nearly 2 years to fabricate something more convincing. I will continue working my way through the report and should have the full series done in a few days.

What I will omit are statements which are repetitive comments, which are many. I will also omit many statements from the report which are pure opinion of no consequence. In each and every case I have read so far, he offers no evidence to back up his conclusions. It should be obvious that not everything he “investigated” is “classified”. Some level of the information would not be classified but none is offered.

This will have to be a multi-part series because I want to offer not just my conclusions and comments but the actual text from the report. In each case, I am posting the PDF page numbers of the Mueller report. Aside from highlighting some sections in bold, I have made absolutely no alterations to the original text. Oh, I am wrong. I corrected some spelling errors in the official government report which annoyed me.

Of course, I do have my own comments after many excerpts. My own comments are in bold.

Pg 6- In June, the Democratic National Committee and its cyber response team publicly announced that Russian hackers had compromised its computer network. Releases of hacked materials-hacks that public reporting soon attributed to the Russian government-began that same month.

Public reporting is his evidence?!!

Pg 10- the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.

Pg 10- the investigation established that certain actions or events
occurred. A statement that the investigation did not establish particular facts does not mean there was no evidence of those facts. (Bold mine.)

That is the purpose of an “investigation”!!! To determine that there is evidence to confirm facts!!!!!

Pg 10- We applied the term coordination in that sense when stating in the report that the investigation did not establish that the Trump Campaign coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.

Pg 11- (partly redacted) The Internet Research Agency (IRA) carried out the earliest Russian interference operations identified by the investigation — a social media campaign designed to provoke and amplify political and social discord in the United States. The IRA was based in St. Petersburg, Russia, and received funding from Russian oligarch Yevgeniy Prigozhin and companies he
controlled. Prigozhin is widely reported to have ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin

“Widely reported” does not establish fact. “Social discord”? Because….?

Pg 13- 2015. Some of the earliest contacts were made in connection with a Trump Organization real-estate project in Russia known as Trump Tower Moscow. Candidate Trump signed a Letter of lntent for Trump Tower Moscow by November 2015, and in January 2016 Trump Organization executive Michael Cohen emailed and spoke about the project with the office of Russian
government press secretary Dmitry Peskov. The Trump Organization pursued the project through at least June 2016, including by considering travel to Russia by Cohen and candidate Trump.

Hotel was never built, travel never occurred. There’s no actual evidence Cohen spoke with Peskov, only low level office workers relating to foreign-owned investment or construction. Peskov never publicly mentioned anything about it.

Pg 13- Campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos made early contact with Joseph Mifsud, a London-based professor who had connections to Russia and traveled to Moscow in April 2016.

What the hell are “connections to Russia”? Any sewer worker in Russia has “ties to Russia”!! You fucking live in the US. By this terminology, YOU have “ties to the US”!!! That doesn’t mean anything!!!

Pg 14- Throughout that period of time and for several months thereafter, Papadopoulos worked with Mifsud and two Russian nationals to arrange a meeting between the Campaign and the Russian government. No meeting took place.

Pg 14- The written communications setting up the meeting showed that the Campaign anticipated receiving information from Russia that could assist
candidate Trump’s electoral prospects, but the Russian lawyer ‘s presentation did not provide such information.

Compare to the Steele Dossier, paid for by the DNC, Hillary campaign and later further paid for by the FBI. This is never mentioned in the Mueller report. In addition, the lawyer was not allowed into the country two weeks before this meeting took place. Suddenly that restriction was lifted with no explanation offered to this date.

Pg 14- Days after the June 9 meeting, on June 14, 2016, a cybersecurity firm and the DNC announced that Russian government hackers had infiltrated the DNC and obtained access to opposition research on candidate Trump, among other documents.

This would be Crowdstrike. To date, no government agency has ever examined the FBI servers, only the private firm hired and paid by the DNC. Crowdstrike has been discredited on several occasions, including issuing a report that Ukrainian artillery had been hacked by Russia. They were forced to retract that report when the Ukrainian military said there was no truth to it.

Pg 14- In July 2016 , Campaign foreign policy advisor Carter Page traveled in his personal capacity to Moscow and gave the keynote address at the New Economic School. Page had lived and worked in Russia between 2003 and 2007 . After returning to the United States, Page became acquainted with at least two Russian intelligence officers, one of whom was later charged in 2015 with conspiracy to act as an unregistered agent of Russia . Page ‘s July 2016 trip to Moscow and his advocacy for pro-Russian foreign policy drew media attention . The Campaign then distanced itself from Page and, by late September 2016, removed him from the Campaign.

Mueller omits the fact that Carter Page was revealed to have worked as an FBI asset, helping to catch Russian intelligence agents during the time frame described.

Pg 14- Within days, there was public reporting that U.S. intelligence agencies had “high confidence” that the Russian government was behind the theft of
emails and documents from the DNC.

Since when is “public reporting” evidence of anything?Alex Jones reports publicly. And “high confidence” was the same terminology used by Clapper and Mueller stating that Iraq had WMD’s.

Pg 15- Manafort had caused internal polling data to be shared with Kilimnik,
and the sharing continued for some period of time after their August meeting.

Polling data? Actually it was not internal polling data, it was simply polling data. Even if internal, how the hell is sharing polling data a crime? And what Kilimnik/Manafort were discussing involved Ukraine becoming part of NATO. That’s not handing any power to Russia. Manafort was representing Western interests.

Pg 15- Immediately after the November 8 election , Russian government
officials and prominent Russian businessmen began trying to make inroads into the new administration.
The most senior levels of the Russian government encouraged these efforts. The Russian Embassy made contact hours after the election to congratulate the President-Elect and to arrange a call with President Putin. Several Russian businessmen picked up the effort from there.

Yeah, this is a process called diplomacy.

Pg 15- Kirill Dmitriev, the chief executive officer of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, was among the Russians who tried to make contact with the incoming administration.
In early December , a business associate steered Dmitriev to Erik Prince, a supporter of the Trump Campaign and an associate of senior Trump advisor Steve Bannon. Dmitriev and Prince later met face-to-face in January 2017 in the Seychelles and discussed U.S.-Russia relations.
During the same period , another business associate introduced Dmitriev to a friend of Jared Kushner who had not served on the Campaign or the Transition Team. Dmitriev and Kushner’s friend collaborated on a short
written reconciliation plan for the United States and Russia, which Dmitriev implied had been cleared through Putin.
The friend gave that proposal to Kushner before the inauguration , and
Kushner later gave copies to Bannon and incoming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Again, diplomacy.

Pg 15- On December 29, 2016, then-President Obama imposed sanctions on Russia for having interfered in the election.
Incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn called Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and asked Russia not to escalate the situation in response to the sanctions. The following day, Putin announced that Russia would not take retaliatory measures in response to the sanctions at that time. Hours later, President-Elect Trump tweeted, “Great move on delay (by V. Putin).” The next day, on December 31, 2016, Kislyak called Flynn and told him the request had been received at the highest levels and Russia had chosen not to retaliate as a result of Flynn’s request.

Again, diplomacy.

Pg 17- Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying about his interactions with Russian Ambassador Kislyak during the transition period.

The transition period is after the election. It had nothing to do with the election or campaign.

Pg 18- The Office investigated several other events that have been publicly reported to involve potential Russia-related contacts.
For example, the investigation established that interactions between Russian Ambassador Kislyak and Trump Campaign officials both at the candidate’s April 2016 foreign policy speech in Washington, D.C., and during the week of the Republican National Convention were brief, public, and non-substantive.
And the investigation did not establish that one Campaign official’s efforts to dilute a portion of the Republican Party platform on providing assistance to Ukraine were undertaken at the behest of candidate Trump or Russia.
The investigation also did not establish that a meeting between Kislyak and Sessions in September 2016 at Sessions’s Senate office included any more than a passing mention of the presidential campaign. (Bold mine.)

Pg 20- (Mueller was empowered to investigate) ..allegations that Papadopoulos committed a crime or crimes by acting as an unregistered agent of the Israeli government..

Israeli government? Yes, definitely a crime but WTF does that have to do with Russia?!!

This is as far as I will go with part one of this series. For many, this will obviously not be enough. Besides, I want to be thorough with this and not have anyone claim I left out anything important. So, I will be posting part 2 as soon as I can. Keep in mind, Part 1 has only gone up to page 20. I do slow down after a point because, as I said before, the report is highly repetitive.

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