Really? I thought our mission there was to rid the country of WMD’s?


Oh, I know. To enforce democracy. Of course, they voted to kick us out.

To defeat ISIS (whom we armed and gave air support to)?

Oh, so it’s now to keep Iran from obtaining nukes? While they surrendered 80% of their refined uranium to Russia per the JCPOA? Hmm. Funny, we refused to send any inspectors into Iran at their invitation. Refused to listen to the IAEA who said they were complying with the JCPOA.

How do sanctions which starve people accomplish that task, exactly?

How do troops in Iraq accomplish that? To my knowledge, they mine and refine their own uranium. None of it comes from Iraq that I heard of.

How many more fairy stories are we going to hear about why we are maintaining an illegal presence in Iraq, after an illegal invasion of Iraq? Of course, we are doing the same with Syria. We also assassinated Qaddafi and bombed the crap out of them but did not maintain a presence there. Just abandoned them to leave them with slave markets in the streets.

Stop. Just stop. Nobody believes any of those tales any more. Nobody that is remotely conscious.

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Issues unite, names divide

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