Really? You do realize that this country was created on protest and opposition, right?

What we are opposing is the move to the right this country has been experiencing. We are opposing the lies and false indoctrination which has been fed to us.

We truly want this country to be what we have been taught that it is, yet has never been. We see the potential for this country and know we can be what America allegedly stands for.

You do not solve the problems in this country by ignoring those problems.

You claim all these people want to come here. No small number of them are trying to escape the US foreign policy which has destroyed their own nation, placed their lives in danger.

The left causes division? Hmm. That’s interesting since FBI Director Wray testified in front of Congress that the biggest terrorist threat within this country comes from whiter supremacist groups. So, explain to me exactly what divisions you refer to. Be specific.

The most interesting thing of your little rant is how you seem to object to negativity from the left, which has a point and a purpose, while doing nothing but whining. So, what constructive purpose is there to your statement? When I write, I am referring to addressing issues such as racism, sexism, wars fought for corporate profit, election integrity, media propaganda, income inequality, inadequate access to healthcare, poverty, etc, etc, etc. I am not seeing any possible positive productive goal in your statement. You just want people to shut up and act like it’s all okay when it is not.

This is a nation, not a religion. You do not get to call someone trying to improve the country a heretic for bringing up real issues in a defined manner.

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Issues unite, names divide

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