Release ALL the information. Declassifying the information reveals what is in it for the public to know. It does not change anything included in the information.

No, this does not place national security at risk in any way. It all has to do with an election which was over two years ago.

The Trump/Russia investigation began in March 2016, months before any alleged “hacking” ever occurred. The Hillary campaign is documented to have held a meeting in late 2015 where they discussed Uranium One being her weakest visual, tying her to Russia and could be used against her. That was also just before she assumed complete control of the DNC in all ways.

Notice that to date, the Mueller “investigation” has never subpoenaed the DNC servers, where Russiagate began. They were never subpoenaed by the House or Senate “investigations, either. National security? The DNC is a private, not public entity. They used that as a defense in court.

Like it or not, Russiagate is coming to an end. That is why Mueller finally sent questions for Trump to answer in writing, which has been completed. Mueller may ask more questions but that is yet to be seen.

Either there is evidence or there is not. As of this moment, no verifiable evidence has been presented. Only “high confidence” opinions from the exact same people who used the exact same words regarding WMD’s in Iraq.

Maybe once this ends, we can start discussing domestic policies? No, have no fear. Democrats have already announced eight-five more “investigations” to insure that the “Resistance” will do absolutely nothing in the next two years to counter harmful policies. They will not attempt to end any wars, increase wages, enact universal healthcare, get corporate money out of politics, etc, etc, etc.

The only choice we have is to force elected officials to focus on the issues which actually impact us in real ways. Pieces like this are counterproductive in that respect. They do more harm than good.

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Issues unite, names divide

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