Climate change- from the woman who promoted fracking in over 40 countries.

Qualified- How? Qualified to start wars, nothing else. Under Hillary as SoS, we went from bombing 2 countries to bombing 7 countries. As a candidate, she threatened Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Just a little ironic, isn’t it? When trump bombed Syria the first time she assured us she would have done so much earlier. Notice she has never said a single word about the findings of the OPCW exonerating the Syrian government. Not one word.

Health care- “Universal healthcare ain’t never gonna happen!!!

Education- She had no plans for education. Only platitudes. What college plans she came up with very late in the campaign were stolen, watered down and distorted from Bernie’s campaign.

She is the most corporate, opaque and untrustworthy candidate in the history of this country. She took more money from WAR Street than anyone in history. She sold more weapons to other countries than anyone in history up to that time.

The arguments against her are far more rational and comprehensive than any argument in her favor. Since 2016 I have asked Hillary supporters to name one single policy of hers they supported which was not stolen mid-campaign from someone else. I have never received a single reply. Your list of things she “could” run on can apply to candidates far less beholden to the MIC and corporate pocketbooks.

You got nothin’.

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Issues unite, names divide

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