For several years. social media has seen the rise of claims that autism is on the increase. Usually trying to attribute this rise to vaccinations, chemtrails, GMO’s, the list goes on.

There has been a definite rise in the number of cases of autism diagnosed in recent years. However, those seeking blame have not looked at the facts behind this rise in a scientific manner. There are valid reasons for the increase and none of them have to do with the sources listed above. Instead, one must understand the diagnosis, how it is established and who profits from it. Because profits are definitely being made.

First, one must look at the fact that autism is not a single condition. It is an umbrella term covering numerous conditions with known or suspected similarities. The actual term is Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Next, the diagnosis itself is entirely subjective. Two different therapists can examine the same person and come to completely different opinions or diagnoses. The diagnostic criteria for autism itself is not truly clear and arbitrary. The criteria have also changed considerably in recent years, leaving the door open for a greater number of diagnoses being established. The criteria has changed so much that many adults, including myself, would have been considered autistic years ago, has the same criteria existed at that time. Most of us grew up just fine, accepted (by those that know and care about us) as being shy, introverted, socially apprehensive and commonly above average intelligence. (Above average intelligence usually means socially apprehensive, any way. We’re not prone to small talk about inane subjects.)

There are no lab tests and no imaging to confirm the diagnosis objectively.

The next thing to consider is access to diagnostic mechanisms. Most of us who are adults now did not grow up being tested for issues such as autism, ADD, social anxiety disorders, etc. Children today are often studied, tested, , questioned and observed under microscopes to find any perceived flaws. Instead of teaching children to merely accept one another as individuals. This is the doing of adults, not children. Too often children today are cataloged, labeled and forced into programs made to indoctrinate them. Try and predict future behavior.

The labels can frequently follow them for life in various ways. From pushing them into special educational programs to narrowing their educational choices to reducing their job options to causing emotional distress which lead to self doubt, low self esteem, feelings of social isolation and eventual mental illness which did not exist in the first place. As teens and adults, that can lead to depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, risky sexual behavior, risk taking and suicidal thoughts.

Most importantly, we must examine the profit motive. Each time such a diagnosis is passed down like a judgment from on high, someone is making money. In most cases, the therapist is making money and may stand to make more money via years of therapy. Then there are the drug companies if medication is prescribed. Then there is the school. Schools often receive more money (administrative) for a higher number of students with what will be termed a “learning disability”. They establish special programs which are really meant not to help the students individually but push them in a corner and mold them to fit society.

None of this involves vaccinations or anything of the sort. This is social engineering. This is injecting fear into parents that their child may not be “perfect” by societal standards. Parents are recruited to enforce the diagnosis, watch their children, report aberrations, correct missteps, impress the idea on their children that the child is accepted “in spite of their flaws” and medicate as deemed necessary by “authorities”.

Meanwhile, the parents are following the dictates and mandates of a government they deem responsible, support the far greater profits of drug companies they blame.

No, it’s not vaccines, it’s not chemtrails, it’s not GMO’s doing the damage. It’s those who push the narrative that our children cannot be individuals. The ones promoting the propaganda.

Autism has been real for all of history. Extreme cases which lead to inability to function effectively are genuine problems. A child not wanting to be popular, the center of attention or socialize with people they do not relate to is not a problem.

A college child psychology professor of mine had a favorite saying which I find quite appropriate. “Is there a problem? If so, whose problem is it?”

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Issues unite, names divide

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