Russia! Don’t Think About It

Here it is again. Russia is the enemy.

No, Russia is not our enemy. You know who is the enemy? The corporate politicians on both side of the aisle who use Russia as a soap box, a talking point which they NEVER divert from. Just as they use how awful Trump is for the same purpose.

Now it is time to pay attention. Listen to what they are NOT saying. What are they NOT talking about while they are talking about Russia, Trump, the opposite party? While they get your attention focused in one direction? What are YOU not demanding they discuss? They have you convinced that we are under some extreme threat, even as indictments state clearly that any alleged (repeat ALLEGED, meaning not proven) Russian “interference” or “collusion” had no effect on the election.

Many never stop and THINK that if there was no effect, why is it a threat at all? Seriously, that’s like being afraid of a monkey behind bars at the zoo. Even if they got out, they’re more likely to steal your popcorn than bite you. Do you walk through the zoo in terror of what COULD happen? That the monkey COULD get out? Even when the monkey seems quite content where they are?

Is the monkey your enemy? Or is YOUR FEAR your enemy?

Oh and never mind the lion sneaking up behind you while you fixate on the monkeys.

The point being, what you do NOT pay attention to is far more dangerous than what you DO pay attention to. Here are just a few things the media and politicians are NOT talking about and many of you are not THINKING about while this diversion continues:

Universal healthcare

The future of Social Security

The fall of the stock market

The impending and imminent collapse of the petrodollar.

Why you are paying more at the pump while global oil and gas production are the highest in history.

Ending ANY conflict we are in while we bomb 7 countries and threaten the entire planet.


Income inequality

The closure of retail stores by the hundreds, small businesses by the thousands.

Automation eliminating tens of thousands of jobs per year.

How that can happen yet unemployment claims are low.

How that can happen yet corporate profits remain high.

Increasing rent prices

Staggering homelessness and rising poverty.

Campaign finance reform

Election integrity

Unarmed Americans being gunned down in the streets with an obvious bias on skin color.

Most importantly, they do not discuss any POLICIES which combat these problems. They do not discuss how none of these problems have gotten worse but did NOT come into being since January 2017. While nothing is done or suggested to stop or even slow the problems.

No, just keep focusing on Russia. Be afraid. Be terrified. Be angry. Keep screaming mindlessly. Keep watching corporate news funded by weapons companies that profit from war and fear. Funded by drug companies advertising the latest antidepressant promising to make the emotions go away. Funded by big banks and investment firms that force the elimination of more jobs. Funded by oil companies that profit from stealing the resources of other countries and poisoning our own land and water. Funded by alcohol companies that keep your mind clouded. That’s what you need. More pills, more beer. Maybe go buy some new shoes. Donate money to the Kardashians.

Russia did not cause these problems. We did it all on our own. Russia was not considered a threat to us until Hillary’s campaign in 2016. Before that, do you recall Obama talking about improving relations with Russia? Do you remember Hillary and the “reset” button? (Do you remember the look on Putin’s face?) Do you remember Uranium One?

No, millions of you have conveniently forgotten all of that. Doesn’t matter, never happened. Wall Street and their elected slaves are your friend. No, we don’t need diplomacy or peaceful negotiations. Anyone who remotely suggests it is a foreign agent and traitor.

Keep buying bombs! Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. After all, no war will affect us in this country. Nobody could possibly bomb us. Bitch about tariffs but don’t think war increases prices or results in rationing. Because that’s not a thing. There will never be a draft. You, your children and grandchildren will not die as a result of your own personal actions, your mindless hate and warmongering. Nobody could possibly drop a nuclear weapon on the only country that has ever used them.

By no means should you ask questions. Never bring up the issues, don’t think about them. Cheer for your “team”, even if they have the same donors as the other team, all playing in the same stadium, owned by the same company. The stadium owner makes money no matter who wins. Don’t think about that. Just hate the visiting team. Keep crying “treason” Don’t look up the definition according to the Constitution. Don’t ask what was lost. Anyone who cheers for the opposing team or is even hates the game itself is the enemy and should be attacked with force. Winning is not enough. The opposing team should be executed publicly.

And never, EVER think back and wonder is you have always been this way. If there was any time in your past that you endorsed peace. When you thought war was an atrocity. When you thought we spent too much money on weapons. When you thought diplomacy had value. When you thought about consequences. When you realized that arguments are not solved by force but discussion. Maybe you have always been this way and just thought the “other team” was like that.

Don’t think about it. Let someone else do that for you.

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Issues unite, names divide

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