Russiagate- Corporate Media Latest Spin

Now that AG Barr released an announcement regarding the Mueller report, corporate media and their zombie drones refuse to accept it.

“Wait to see the full report!!!”

Yes, I am certain that if Barr stated something that Mueller did not intend that Mueller would remain silent. Barr released not one but two memos, one on Friday and one on Sunday. It’s now Monday evening and nothing else has been heard from Mueller.

Or maybe the corporate media that has pushed Russiagate for nearly 3 years has received a statement from Mueller to contradict what Barr said and they decided to cover it up?

I know it’s hard to let go of the delusions you have held onto with a white knuckle mindless grip for so long but now is the time. Let go. Start focusing on policies, on issues. Because the DNC is not going to do it until you demand it.

The full report can wait a while. You know what the summary says. Anything more is just going to demoralize you further and distract you more than you are distracted now.

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Issues unite, names divide

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