Russiagate In Full Rigor Mortis And Putrefaction

I think Rainer Shea words it quite well, “ This is what makes Russiagate a conspiracy theory, and a highly implausible conspiracy theory at that; if Trump were working for Putin, he wouldn’t have armed anti-Russian forces in Ukraine, put sanctions on Russia, escalated the U.S.’ proxy war against Russia in Syria, approved a Japanese ballistic missile defense sale that Putin strongly opposed, expanded NATO, or recently sabotaged U.S.-Russia peace hopes by terminating a crucial Cold War nuclear treaty.”

One thing Mueller has demonstrated clearly is that his probe has a definite political bias. He has taken authorization which was explicitly given to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election and instead used his power to pursue tax fraud, campaign finance violations, charges stemming from unethical business or political practices with Turkey, Ukraine and Israel. He has never once examined the DNC servers, where Russiagate began. Any claims he has made regarding the servers has come directly from highly selected and limited files forwarded by Crowdstrike under the employ of the DNC.

The closest to any Russian involvement he has revealed has been against 13 trolls in a capitalist scam. That scam promoted Trump, Hillary, Bernie and nobody at all. Half of the ads implicated were run after the election was over.

Proof of Russian government involvement in anything at all? None.

Each release of claims by Mueller has been timed to coincide with other political events. Yet now the midterms are less than two weeks away. Most experts believe Mueller will release another report soon. After the midterms.

With the history of his timing, anyone paying attention knows that if his report had any evidence which can be acted upon, it would be released immediately, before the midterms. The timing alone tells everything about what is coming. He will make vague claims while offering no evidence. The most “damning” statement he will make is that his theatrical indictment of 12 top Russian Intelligence offers was not acted upon. Just as he knew would happen.

What we can expect to happen is that he will make a statement similar to Comey’s dismissal of Hillary. In appearance. In Hillary’s case there was actual, verified and verifiable evidence shown to the public even without the release of classified information. So Mueller will try and make it seem similar but with no verified or verifiable evidence to back up his claims.

Like Politico, I expect Mueller at that time or very shortly after to announce the end of his probe. He may seek to interview Trump but with no evidence to question in a targeted manner, Trump could easily refuse and any decent law professor would agree that there if there is no actual evidence of a crime, there is no reason to question anyone at all. Least of all a sitting president.

Yet this has been the situation all along with Russiagate. Some have tried comparing Russiagate to Watergate. With Watergate, there was a known crime which was investigated and prosecuted. Russiagate has been an “investigation” in search of a crime with no evidence of crime, no proof of harm and never even examined the crime scene.

Russiagate has been an insult to American intellect. Though the average American intellect is an insult to itself. It says the average American and the MSM is incapable of asking questions, looking into the facts behind any claims. In fact, it has absolutely proven beyond all doubt that most Americans can be misled by memes, advertising and the most outrageous claims you can imagine, all the way up to and including support for censorship, election fraud, decimating our economy to pay for weapons and stand at the edge of war with multiple nuclear powers.

And this is from the mainstream. For years we have heard criticism of Fox and Fox viewers, claiming they are brainwashed and uninformed. Now the same is true of every person who relies on MSM on either side of the aisle. If you make the smallest attempt to discuss any political issue while leaving Trump or Russia out of it, you can guarantee that they will bring one of those names in.

Just this week, with the bombs sent to multiple neoliberal personalities, Chuck Todd of MSNBC literally said he suspected Russia was involved. On Friday, the suspect was caught. He has nothing to do with Russia. He is a nationalist.

Many Americans, including Rachel Maddow (also of MSNBC) have no realization that Russia has not been Communist since 1991. Is that what a PhD in political science is worth today? Being 27 years out of date on your knowledge?

I’ve pointed out on numerous occasions that none of the people making claims about Russiagate have been able to explain any motive that Russia would have had. Their statements are always vague and nonsensical. To get Trump elected? Okay, why? To take us over! To do what with us? So that we won’t go to war with them! So, NOT going to war is a bad thing? To divide us! Once again, why? From there it goes in circles which never end. To take our money when we’re $21 trillion in debt. To lift sanctions so they can expand trade. You know, because it’s a sign of evil to not want limits placed on your trade options. So they can dominate us militarily while spending only 6% of what we spend on our military. So they can sell oil to Europe at lower cost than we sell our oil to Europe. Same person still cannot explain why oil is one of our top three exports AND top three imports.

All claims thrown around for over two years regarding Russiagate have fallen flat. They lie degrading on the ground in all their glorious stench. Some of us see it for the disgusting mess it is. While others continue wallowing in it.

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Issues unite, names divide

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