Russiagate is dead.

Yes, now we are going to see many people trying to revive it frantically, spastically, in complete panic. That does not stop it from being dead.

Latest poll shows less than 1% of Americans believe Russia is any immediate threat to us. This poll came a few weeks after a Harvard poll showed only 6% of Americans thought Russia was a threat.

There are a number of reasons for it’s long-overdue demise. Like the fact that the Mueller “investigation” has not shown any result. Even what results he claims rests on the DNC servers, which we ALL know were never examined, never subpoenaed by any of THREE “investigations, House, Senate and special counsel.

Any SANE person can only handle claims about the Mueller probe each time being, “This is it!!” so many times. “This is it!!” No, that’s tax evasion. “This is it!!” No, that has to do with Turkey, not Russia. “This is it!!” No, that has to do with Ukraine, Russia’s enemy. “This is it!!” That’s 13 internet trolls not connected to the campaign. “This is it!!” Those are Russian intelligence officers and no evidence has been presented. “This is it!!” That’s fucking POKEMON!!!!

For a select few, it has turned into a religion. A superstition. A schizophrenic hallucination. That can be the only explanation. Except maybe drugs?

At some point, a person with ANY ability to think clearly realizes they can only listen to Rachel Maddow scream “Russia!” 58 times a night, 5 nights a week for two years before it gets old.

Just as they also realize that NOTHING has been done to change our electoral process. Paper ballots? No. Ranked choice voting? No. Eliminating ALL campaign advertising? No. Tax funded elections? No.

Still, we have the delusional ones. For them, I still use my favorite argument. It is definitely MY argument, as I have not seen anyone else use it at all. Here it is:

Russia had no motive to interfere in our election. It would not profit them in any real way. Let’s examine the claims one by one.

To avoid war with us.

Yes, because AVOIDING war between two nuclear powers marks them as evil.

So we would remove trade sanctions.

Oh, you mean to expand trade? Gee, we would NEVER try and expand our trade. Or interfere in elections, bomb the crap out of other countries, assassinate leaders for the sake of money, would we?

Then consider Russia is expanding trade. They are the world leading oil/gas producer and the world leading grain exporter.

Because they’re in debt!

Actually, Russia paid off the last of their national debt in 2017. Early in 2018 they announced a budget surplus. Do they have economic concerns? Absolutely. Name a country that does not. But compare having their national debt paid off to our $21 TRILLION debt and rising.

To dominate us militarily!

I could write against this idea for days.

With the recent US “defense” (choke) budget increase, I think Russia is spending 6% the amount we spend on their military. Even less when you consider they have universal healthcare while we budget our VA separately from defense. (If VA care is ONLY for vets, it should be in the defense budget.)

They are engaged in military actions in Donbass (against the Ukrainian literal NAZIS we helped into power) and in Syria (against ISIS and Al Qaeda, whom we helped fund and arm). The US is bombing 7 countries.

They have less than 5 permanent bases outside their country, we have roughly 1000 permanent foreign bases.

I may also point out that they have less than half the population we have.

To sow chaos and division!!

For what purpose? To sit back and laugh at us? Yeah, that would all be worth it.

Besides, we were SO united, peaceful and had so much equality before 2016, right?

So, there is no logic, no fact, no evidence being used as a basis to continue this. That does not mean it will stop. Not as long as people still tune in, still allow politicians and the media to use Russia to avoid addressing real problems with real solutions.

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Issues unite, names divide

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