So, now the Russiagaters have their way. Welcome to Cold War 2.0.

Trump has stated he is withdrawing from the INF Treaty which has been in place since Reagan. That was the agreement which eliminated the Pershing missiles in Europe in the late 80’s.

His claim is that Russia has developed weapons which violate that treaty. Evidence to such effect? None. The new weapons Russia announced some months back do not violate the terms of the INF Treaty.

This comes after GWB withdrew from the ABM Treaty with Russia in 2001. What has followed since that time has been a non-stop encroachment all the way up to the Russian border of allegedly defensive missile systems put in place by none other than the US. If you take a look at a map of US installations in Europe and the Middle East, we have roughly 400 military installations encircling Russia.

Now ask yourself. How many Russian bases are encircling the United States? How many bases do they have on our borders?

Our government continues making the claim that Russia is somehow a threat to us. Russia has not issued any threats against us or even implied any threats. They have not expanded their forces into Europe or threatened to do so.

There are several big problems with the withdrawal from the INF Treaty. First, this renders the treaty null and void on the side of Russia. Whether they will choose to engage in a new nuclear arms race with us remains to be seen. Most likely it depends entirely on what our next actions are and Trump has already stated his intent to develop and deploy new nuclear weapons with no limit.

Another problem is that our actions become a direct threat against China as well. China has not been bound by any such treaty but have constrained further nuclear development by their own choice up to this point. That may well change if they feel threatened by the US.

There is good reason for other countries to feel threatened by the US. Last year, the DoD released a Nuclear Posture Review which eliminated the use of nuclear weapons as a threat to be justification for our own use of nuclear weapons. Less than two months ago, the US envoy to NATO threatened that the US may conduct a first strike against Russia. We have withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal. Threatening North Korea with aggression if they do not disarm unilaterally.

All of that is completely aside from conventional and economic threats and actions against even allied nations.

All of this began with the DNC claims of Russian hacking, which became “collusion”, which became “interference” involving “evidence” as ridiculous as claiming they hacked Pokemon Go. There have been so many chances to reduce tensions and engage in diplomacy which have instead been used as weapons against anyone suggesting peace.

This insanity is a no-win situation. If Trump tries to engage in peace talks, he is labeled as a traitor. If he increases tensions and withdraws from the INF Treaty, he is labeled as a madman. What did anyone expect from him? He is a belligerent, immature juvenile in continuous need of proving his “manhood” while also in pathetically desperate need of approval. If he is denied either, that is when he truly becomes dangerous. Yet there can be no question that he has been pushed into a corner regarding Russia by the DNC and the neoliberal media. I do wish he were truly man enough to put on the brakes and say, “Fuck you, I am using diplomacy and engaging in peace talks.” That is not something we can expect to happen by a man whose masculinity is threatened by comments that his hands are small.

On the other hand, are we to expect any efforts by his elected opposition to lessen tensions? The same ones who still continue pushing Russiagate with no evidence and no profit motive for Russia yet explained? Really? To sow dissension?

In this case, if the neoliberals agreed to peace efforts, we would have unity. We would have discourse. We would not have a media accusing anyone suggesting peace is a traitor and Russian agent.

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Issues unite, names divide

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