So much of the American populace has been focused the the “Russian threat” for so long now that it is finally losing steam.

More people are questioning this narrative. Not enough, though.

With all the arguments about the Russiagate narrative, very few have bothered to ask the most basic question- What would Russia hope to gain if all the allegations were true? Seriously, what is their benefit, their profit motive?

I have been asking these questions publicly for some time and have never yet received an answer from anyone who believes the Russia narrative. The only responses I encounter are claims that I am a Russian bot/agent/troll. This is only a means of attempting to invalidate anyone who questions the official narrative. Hint: It’s not working.

So, let’s examine some of the possible motives Russia could possibly have if the allegations hold any truth, then compare verifiable facts which contradict the claims.

1- They want to avoid warfare.

How is that bad? For two nuclear powers to avoid war? There would be NO benefit to war with them. Except to the military contractors hoping to make a profit at the expense of millions of lives.

Before the Russiagate claims came along, our diplomatic relations were the best they had been in many decades. We were making progress. So, why would they have been fearful of war with us?

2- They want us to spend less money on our military.

Again, this is a bad thing? Russia spends roughly 12% on their military compared to our official military budget. And in the past two years they have DECREASED military spending, while ours has famously INCREASED.

But our military budget is not even accurately portrayed. Certain things are not included in our military budget which should be. Upgrading nuclear weapons at a cost of $100 billion per year. (Per commitment signed by Obama in 2016 to spend $1 trillion over 10 years on that purpose.) Covert ops and agencies, such as CIA and NSA. And VA funding. When you add those things to the official military budget, we spend more on our military than every other country on earth COMBINED.

I am not sure of the other factors but Russia has no equation to our VA medical system because they have universal healthcare. Military veteran or not, ALL of their citizens have medical care. (Quality of care would be a completely different discussion which I will not enter into here.)

3- They want trade sanctions dropped.

Name a country with trade sanctions that would NOT want them dropped! That’s an ignorant argument.

This is also completely beside the point that trade sanctions against Russia have had the effect of causing them to develop entire new industries, which have made them stronger, more independent and open new trade opportunities.

Those trade sanctions have caused more harm to their trading partners than to Russia. Not only in the short term but in the long term. If the sanctions were lifted today, Russia would buy less from other countries than they did before the sanctions.

Russia is now the world leading oil producer and they have expanded agricultural production on a massive scale. (While GMO crops are not allowed in Russia.) Their wages have increased and their prices have decreased as a result.

Russia has signed new trade deals with other countries like Japan. Their trade is already expanding.

4- They are ready to collapse economically!

Exactly the opposite. In May 2017, Russia paid off the last of their national debt. To include debt they were not legally obligated to pay, as those debts were incurred under the USSR, which no longer exists.

As noted above, all countries try to increase trade. That is the nature of trade. That in itself is not evil. It becomes evil when a country is willing to use threats and force for the purpose of increasing trade dominance. As of this moment, the country most guilty of this is the US via economic sanctions and use or threat of military force.

5- They want to take over the world militarily.

Russia currently has less than 10 permanent military bases outside of their own country. They have not expressed a desire to expand that number and decreasing their military budget would seem to contradict that concept.

Compare that to the US, with an estimated 1600 military bases globally. Roughly 1000 foreign and over 600 domestic bases. That is at least 32 military bases PER US STATE. In what way is that defense?

Do we allow other countries to build military bases in our country for the purpose of defense? No.

It’s unlikely Russian citizens would approve of paying for that many bases.

6- They want to turn us into Communists.

Russia has not been Communist since 1991. And that would run counter to all the economic claims above.

7- Putin/Russia isn’t perfect.

No country, no leader is perfect. None of this is making the suggestion that we become Russia or that you move to Russia.

The US has diplomatic and trade relations with countries and leaders KNOWN to be guilty of far worse things than Putin has even been accused of. We ourselves have killed millions of people overtly and covertly in other countries for oil, gold and regime change. We align ourselves with some of the most oppressive governments on earth. We always have.

Each country, including the US, has problems and issues. What is up for debate here is diplomatic relations as opposed to military and political opposition. The entire debate should include not only accusations and suspicions but evidence, proof and looking at motive. Any criminal investigation or trial considers motive. When you consider the motives, the entire Russiagate narrative falls apart in light of verifiable facts.

It is far beyond time for America to drop the Cold War emotional conditioning and start thinking, start asking questions. MSM is not going to ask the obvious questions. They will only lead you down sensationalist pathways for the purpose of ratings and advertising revenue.

If you care to respond, please use facts and rational thoughts. Not insults or false accusations. Thank you.

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Issues unite, names divide

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