Seriously? There are so many fallacies in this that it’s hard to know where to begin. How can you manage so much mindless propaganda in so little space?

Trade with the US accounts for 4% of China’s GDP. They are now the largest manufacturer and the largest consumer market. By 2021 they will dwarf the US economy, even if all trade with the US ceases.

The tax cut for the rich did nothing to create jobs or increase spending. Over 50,000 retail locations are scheduled to close this year alone. That is an indication of decreased consumer spending. When even Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are closing hundreds of locations, you have a problem.

Ford, GM and GE announced tens of thousands of layoffs in Nov and Dec. Each of those jobs is a consumer who will be spending less. Then toss in Sears/Kmart in bankruptcy, Toys R Us is gone, along with numerous other retail chains. Carrier, GE and Harley-Davidson have announced offshoring of thousands of jobs.

The dollar is ready to collapse. Other countries are selling off US Treasury bonds at a record pace. That indicates lack of confidence in the dollar. That’s not even the biggest problem there. If one country sells US bonds and if another country buys them, that means nobody is buying new bonds. They are buying the old bonds which are closer to maturity. So it means no money coming in but debts remain the same.

Try harder. Or at least try.

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Issues unite, names divide

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