Seriously? It is Republicans who have limited access to the morning after pill. Shoved through anti-abortion laws while allowing rapists, pedophiles and incestuous molesters to have parental rights. They also have shoved through laws allowing pharmacists to refuse to fill even basic birth control prescriptions. Defunded Planned Parenthood locations, even when they offer no abortion services, in the process reducing other health services like cancer and STI screenings. As a result, the Bible Belt states have the highest rates of STI’s, including HIV.

Charter schools only have superior performance statistics because they get to pick and choose the best and brightest students. Yet they frequently have lower teacher pay. Charter schools are far more expensive than public schools because they are there to make a profit. If the same money were spent to improve public schools then performance would increase. Instead, let’s just refuse to feed students or equip classrooms.

Lastly, where experimental medications are concerned there is absolutely a safety issue. According to MIT, only 14% of all drugs that enter clinical trials are successful. That number is inflated because of vaccine trials which have a higher success rate than other medications. Of the 86% that fail, many have side effects which can be life-altering, up to fatality.

I am a nurse with 24 years of experience and have worked with many patients on clinical trials, many of which were never approved. Just look how many medications make it to market, only to be pulled later.

Maybe before writing an article like this you should discuss it with or interview a medical professional, rather than relying on biased drug company or disgruntled patients. Keep in mind that if someone becomes permanently disabled because of a harmful medication that you will be paying their support for the rest of their lives. Imagine if that happened to millions of patients across thousands of clinical trials. You also foot the bill for lawsuits against drug companies.

When you are dealing with medicine, be objective. Drop the political partisanship. Do your research because there are millions of medical professionals like myself who will absolutely call you out for bad information.

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Issues unite, names divide

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