Seriously? You make reference to focusing on the issues. Yet the only “issues” you discuss have to do with accusations of racism, which is divisive and alienating and electoral processes for party advantage.

Party advantage does NOT equate to human advantage.

How can Democrats blow 2020? By doing exactly what they’re doing now. Keep pushing Russiagate. Support regime change and ongoing war. Refuse to commit to Progressive policies like Medicare For All, the Fight For 15, removing corporate money for politics (for real, not show), electoral reform like ranked choice voting, open primaries, open debates, paper trails, eliminating corporate lobbying entirely.

The DNC has to show that they have true ethics. All they are doing is continuing to be Republicans in blue garb. Favoring WAR Street, increasing military spending, handing Trump more powers like AUMF, surveillance and trade powers while speaking platitudes of “resistance”. We have one Republican party, we don’t need two. Yet that is precisely what we have now.

The people are moving left. If the DNC does not move left with the people, they will simply be left behind.

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Issues unite, names divide

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