Seriously? Still with the trickle down economics?

The middle class is coming back? How is that happening? Where?

Unemployment for March was the highest in 10 years. Hmm, what was 10 years ago? Oh, right, 2009 and the recession.

More retail outlets are closing this year than any year in history. Student loans defaults are the highest ever. Home sales have fallen for months. Vehicle repossessions have been rising since 2015. Retail inventories have increased over sales for months. External investment in stocks have been negative and the only thing sustaining the stock market numbers are stock repurchases. Consumer confidence is down. Corporate investment in infrastructure is down and not expected to increase. CEO confidence is down. Other countries are selling US Treasury bonds at massive numbers.

The only way to grow an economy is by investing in consumers. If consumers do not have money to spend, the economy will recede and eventually fail completely.

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Issues unite, names divide

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