Shwah Kram, you can tell yourself what you need to about Assange. What you’re really illustrating is that you were not paying much attention at that time and have not looked further into how Wikileaks even works. Have you ever visited the Wikileaks website? Even once?

But let’s assume what you say is true. Wikileaks did not write the emails. Nor did Russia. So, what was the response from Hillary and the DNC? Did they apologize for what was revealed? No. Did they allow FBI access to the servers? No. They tried saying the emails were forged until they met with mass demand to see the real thing. Then that response died very quickly.

Keep in mind Wikileaks is also a business. They try and get as many readers as possible. Do you criticize MSM for similar tactics? They use those tactics every day, even with completely fabricated stories (literally stories) or having no evidence whatsoever. All of Russiagate is about unnamed anonymous sources offering no evidence, “high confidence” (like WMD’s in Iraq) and extrapolation which winds up being pure fantasy.

The accuracy is what matters. The fact that Wikileaks has no ties to Russia is what matters. You either want the truth or do not. You cannot decide you only want the truth when it is convenient to your own desires and reject it otherwise. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

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Issues unite, names divide

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