Keep running into problems with the PC rebuild.

The SSD drive was supposed to arrive today. It didn’t. Went missing. The USPS tracking that tells me what should arrive made no mention of a package.

The new desk was supposed to arrive yesterday. It didn’t. That one is being shipped FedEx, so it’s not a surprise.

The computer has no power cable for a video card. I tried the other power supply in it and nothing happened, so I think that supply is dead.

So, I ordered a few adapter cables to try out, including an external PCIe riser, so I think one of those should work.

Too tired to put the original power supply back in the case right now. Won’t do much good if I can’t hoop up the monitor, any way. I have the RAM and video card installed.

One thing I have learned. The more roadblocks I encounter in an effort, the more the effort is worth it in the long run. Um, that does not apply to relationships.

I’m just frustrated now because I have a few days off. Yet the parts will not arrive until the same day I go back to work. Well, if they arrive, that is.

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Issues unite, names divide

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