Yesterday, 13 April 2018, the US bombed Syria. This was based on an alleged chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government on the Syrian people.

I’ll skip over the stupidity of the claims leading to this attack. Let’s just say it is highly questionable because there would be no political, economic or tactical advantage for Syria to do this. In fact, it would have been suicidal.

Before the bombing ever took place, Russia said that if attacked, they would respond. I do think they overstated their stance. For good reason, as a deterrent. However, they did not directly respond because neither Russian encampments nor the Syrian Presidential Palace were targeted.

This is a wise decision on the part of Russia for several reasons. For one, it allows them to stand back and observe US and allied capabilities while revealing none of their own. It depletes US weapons stores while Russian weapon stores remain intact.

Most importantly, it prevents WWIII. The moment that Russia responds militarily against US forces, that is the moment WWIII begins. It does not matter that their actions were in defense.

Prior to the attack, Russia and Syria had requested that the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) do an investigation on the ground in the area of the alleged attack. That proposal was vetoed by the US, who pushed a proposal assigning blame with no mandatory investigation. The US proposal suggested an investigation “if warranted”. Which raises the question of what they call “warranted”, when people were allegedly killed using chemical weapons and responsibility, even the reality of an attack, must be determined. Russia and Syria both offered open access to the area plus security for inspectors. What was there to object to?

Russian inspectors found no evidence of Sarin or chlorine in soil samples of the area. Nor did they find witnesses or dead bodies.

Videos from alleged “responders” who were “treating victims” showed them using no gas masks and no protective clothing, including no gloves. Against an unknown chemical agent.

The UN Secretary General urged restraint pending investigation.

In spite of US objections, the OPCW determined to conduct an investigation on the ground. The inspectors were either in country or scheduled to arrive on 14 April 2018. If they were already in country, they were placed in direct danger by the missile attacks. In any case, the urgency of the bombing to happen immediately before the investigation is more than highly suspect. There was NO urgency involved. The presence of the inspectors made it LESS urgent for Syria and Russia.

The ONLY reason for urgency would have been to destroy evidence before the inspection.

The inspectors are currently in Syria and will conduct their investigation today, the morning after the bombing.

The bombing itself did not go as hoped by the US government. Very much the opposite. Of 110 missiles launched, 71 were intercepted. By weapons systems 2–3 generations behind current anti-missile systems. (Keep in mind that the US launched 59 missiles against Syria in almost identical circumstances in 2017. Of the 59, only 23 reached their targets.) This indicates extreme weaknesses in US military technology. And the entire response was by Syrian forces, not Russian.

So what really happened here is that the US revealed strategies and capabilities while expending weapons resources. Russia revealed none of their capabilities and wasted no resources. The US placed UN inspectors in danger while Syrian and Russian governments offered protection. The UN Secretary General was ignored by the US.

In spite of what US/UK/French corporate media and governments are stating, BILLIONS of people across the planet are asking questions, demanding answers, supporting an investigation.

We also object to war. We understand that if Russia responds, they will have the support of China, Iran, Syria and most likely numerous other countries.

There is absolutely NO positive which can come from the US actions regarding Syria. None. The American people are not safer. The Syrian people are not safer. The Russian people are not safer.

So all of us must ask the question- What is this really for?

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Issues unite, names divide

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