Taxation Without Representation

A lot of people are raging against taxes. Some claiming taxes are theft. Some claiming we should do away with taxes. If you ask them how roads and schools should be funded, they divert to stating that should be handled at the state and local level. That does nothing to end taxes, that just changes who the taxes are being paid to and reduces what little oversight we have remaining into corruption.

Most of us are more sane about it. We do not object to taxes, we object to how our taxes are being spent, benefiting only the rich.

Let’s bring something up. The founding of this country. Beginning with the Boston Tea Party. Do you understand what the Boston Tea Party was about? It was opposing, not taxes but paying high taxes without being represented in Parliament. In addition, it was a protest against CORPORATE control over citizens lives.

The founding fathers of this country were capitalists, no question. However, they were notoriously dead set against corporate control of this country. For good reason. They had seen some of the damage corporate control could inflict and were forward-thinking enough to know with absolute certainty that corporate control is devastating to human rights.

In the Constitution, they intentionally used the words, “We The People” and spoke of a government “of the people, by the people, for the people”. Can anyone think they would ever conceive of the future government of the country they founded on such well-defined principles would ever define a legal business construct as a person?!

This entire country was founded largely to escape an oppressive government which limited speech, ruled using religion as a premise, gave special dispensation to corporations and the rich while punishing the poor. A government that was invading other countries to seize resources while the citizens paid for those military exploits. All the time the knighted corporations made massive profits from those stolen resources, the poor fought the wars, labored endlessly for such low wages they could barely survive.

Well, guess where the fuck we are now?!!!

Which all plays into the point. We have become exactly the Empire the US was formed in resistance to with few variations. The poor and middle class pay taxes, barely able to survive, many join the military (and a draft is coming, which I have detailed before) to make a living if they manage to survive in whatever pieces are left, while our government wages wars to seize resources from other countries. Who profits from those wars? The corporations blessed with access to those resources, along with the owners and executives of those corporations. We pay for the weapons made by yet other corporations also getting rich from those wars.

Yet most Americans struggle to survive, often working multiple jobs, doing with inadequate healthcare, many going hungry multiple times a week, children receiving substandard education compared to less “affluent” countries, we have a declining life expectancy, the highest infant mortality in the developed world, wages stagnant and even declining…

Our taxes go to bombs, guns, tax breaks and subsidies for oil, coal, ethanol, corporate farms (very little to small independent farms), drug companies, insurance companies, banks, private/corporate aircraft companies, spying on our own citizens, militarizing the police and financing three “investigations” on Russia which we will NEVER know the price tag of.

Meanwhile we have elected officials passing legislation supported by the highest courts in the land supporting corporate rights over human rights, telling us that corporations have more voice than we do. Those same corporations paying elected officials to pass that legislation behind closed doors and with no public input.

Nobody asked me about any of this. I do not feel represented for the taxes I pay. Do you?!!

Let me make this perfectly clear. I have no problem with paying taxes. I have a problem with how those taxes are spent. I have problems paying those taxes while they are literally used as a weapon against “we the people”.

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Issues unite, names divide

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