Thanks for the compliment.

In answer, let me bring up a few things.

The people waiting in line for food banks, the ones fearful of being evicted, the ones who have seen their incomes collapse entirely this year are in that condition because of capitalism.

The food is there. The homes and apartments are there. The only thing standing between the people and the resources? Capitalism.

If YOU wait in line for a food bank, you're a recipient of Socialism. If you wait anxiously or simply receive and do not reject a government check, you are a recipient of Socialism.

Public roads, public schools, libraries, water treatment systems, waste management, health departments, fire departments, police (in concept, not practice), public elections, public parks of all sizes, the forestry service (who fight forest fires), consumer protection laws, worker protection laws, wage protection laws, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid... The list can go on and on but the point I am making is that each and every one of these are Socialist in nature. Would you want to give up all of these? How about all the jobs, all the incomes, all the consumer spending which derives from these?

ALL of our economic problems arise from capitalism. ALL of our solutions to those problems arise from Socialism.

I am not saying we should lurch into Marxism. We can't. Our society is not evolved enough. Our society is too indoctrinated to believe in capitalism and that is not by mistake.

Capitalism can NOT solve problems which would not exist without capitalism. It's not possible.

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Issues unite, names divide

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