Thanks, Hope, Optimism, Change

I never deny that much of my content has a negative turn to it. At the same time, the focus and purpose in my case is far different from the typical demoralizing and divisional attempts made by corporate media and mindless echo chambers. The goal of my own observations is awareness, enlightenment and actual unity.

No, I do not think that unity will simply happen. It’s something we have to work toward.

The major enemies of any form of positive unity are those who refuse to leave their respective echo chambers and surrender their cognitive dissonance in favor of something greater. Those proposing violence in any form, on any side of the equation are traitors to this country. They should be viewed as such and shunned at all cost.

Yes, the past 4 years have demoralized many in this country. 2020 above all has strained the spirit of countless numbers of Americans.

Never before have so many in this country in sheer numbers, perhaps even percentages, been forced to utilize food banks for survival. Never have so many faced the very real prospect of eviction in only weeks.

None of this means we have no path forward or no reason for hope and optimism. Though real change will again take work on our part, plus patience. It is an absolute fact that we will endure more sacrifice and suffering before enough people are willing to join the movement toward needed change. We will not endure these negative things willingly, they will be forced upon us but will strengthen our resolve to make those changes and will bind us together along the way.

This Thanksgiving and holiday season, many among us will lack the resources to celebrate in a traditional way. Trust me, I have been there. I have gone through Thanksgivings where all I had to eat was chicken or even hot dogs. Yet I was thankful for what I had at the time.

This brings up another psychological theory. It’s called the Optimum Level Theory and states that a person becomes accustomed to a certain level and type of stimulation. Right now, as a country, we are on the downslope of decades of being spoiled as a general rule. Many are in states of mourning and are literally in various stages of Grief and Loss. You do not have to suffer a death close to you to go through those stages. Some are in denial that our economy and country are in decline. Others are in the stage of anger. Others are in bargaining stage, believing that prayer will change something. Many are in the depression stage. Eventually, most of us will reach the stage of acceptance. We will accept having less and adapt to it. This is when people will look around and realize they are far from alone in their lack and longing. Only then can we move forward to take action as a society.

I made the prediction years ago that our capitalist system would have to collapse before we would have the popular support to make changes. This year has seen a major part of that collapse but more is definitely to come. Yet we already see growing support for the changes we need. In the early 90’s we had the conversation for universal healthcare. That discussion faltered and was not revived on a large scale until the discussion of a public option in 2008. That was denied us, yet gained more traction with Sanders in 2016. This year, partly due to so many losing health insurance during the pandemic, the majority of Americans are in favor of it. This is only one example of why I made that prediction. It’s relatively rare today to hear someone say, “I don’t want to pay for someone else’s medical care!” They have finally realized that they can well be on the receiving end. Many have seen relatives and friends do without medical care. They have finally realized that corporate profit has no place in between you and medical care.

While many in this country are food insecure and are knowing hunger, some for the first time in their lives, we have things to be thankful for. While people may be suffering hunger, actual starvation is not common in this country. We may suffer but we will survive.

What brings hope is the fact that this hunger, denial and suffering reaches across demographic lines. A racist or sexist may be in line for a food bank, look at the vehicle next to them and see a woman, a person of another color in line right next to them and realize they are both in the same situation. Then they may have a Muslim serving them when they get to the front of the line and realize that humanitarianism knows no race, no gender, no sexual orientation, no religion. Compassion is an individual choice. Now we need to make it a societal norm.

Another reason this should give us hope is that once so many people know hunger, they are more understanding and compassionate toward others in the future that know hunger. Those of us that have known hunger in the past are the most likely to be donating to or volunteering for food banks during this crisis period.

Let me piss some people off right now. The ones who deserve the greatest kudos are the agnostics and atheists who give or volunteer because they do not do so with expectation of some later reward. It is their current action now which serves as a personal emotional reward.

One more reason for hope from this is that people are not blind. When you sit in a line for donated food along with tens of thousands of others, you have time to reflect. What should be realized by each and every one of them is that the food is actually there. It exists. As a nation, we have the resources to provide for our people. The only reason they are waiting for donated food is because of capitalism standing as a barrier. It is capitalism which denied them food. It is Socialism which is providing the food.

The same is true for housing. Right now millions of Americans have been evicted, are being evicted or may be evicted in mere weeks. Yet the housing exists. We have more vacant structures than we currently have homeless. For each person that is evicted, there will be a structure they know exists, sitting empty, while they are forced to seek assistance from relatives, friends or homeless shelters. Or they will be forced to live in tents or cardboard boxes. Their very survival will be dependent on Socialist resources, while it is a capitalist system which placed them in that position.

The same holds for medical care. Medicare and Medicaid are Socialist structures at their core. While many complain about how much they cost and the cost keeps increasing, their attention is diverted from the fact that the reason for the drastic cost is because these systems are forced to pay funds out which go to capitalist profits. Our government is currently paying a large portion of the cost of responding to the pandemic using funds which at some point society will be forced to pay. Which makes the care provided now another Socialist response. If a person is left with debt, that debt is because of capitalist greed.

Through all of this suffering, we are watching as the Federal Reserve, the government and elected officials hand out massive sums to bail out corporations which are laying people off. You cannot blame the pandemic alone because this was happening before the pandemic. The pandemic only accelerated what was already occurring and was going to continue. It’s like riding in a car which is slowly accelerating versus the driver suddenly punching the gas pedal. The same events are happening, the same dangers exist but you become more aware when the change is sudden.

Our greatest reasons for thanks relies on each other, as a society. Our compassion, our support and our generosity toward one another.

Our greatest chance for hope relies on our own individual and collective awareness and enlightenment leading to unified action. Some people are trying to disparage those who are “woke”. Just as in 2016 we heard negative statements about “purity tests”. I ask plainly- What is the opposite of being awake? Obviously, the ones objecting want to go back to sleep. What is the opposite of purity and who objects to purity? Only those who endorse corruption.

To be clear, I will challenge and confront anyone who claims falsely to be “woke” yet supports corruption, ignorance, hatred, division, violence and indoctrination. Bring it on. I have faced you my entire life and will never back down. True Progressives of today are not the wimpy, fading, submissive bitches of years past.

Recently, Caitlin Johnstone made a fantastic case for why Progressives must seize the direction of change. She is absolutely correct in stating if we do not seize the direction of change, then the authoritarian, fascistic far right will use that opportunity and they will choose the direction of change. We have seen what form that takes through history and do NOT want to see it happen here, now.

The problem with the Obama “Hope and Change” was that too many people placed their hopes in his hands and then closed their eyes. We cannot afford to do that again. To make the positive changes needed, we have to let go of the angst and anger of the past and move forward. Am I saying forget? No. Am I saying forgive? No. I am saying that we have to stop investing our emotional energy into the wrongs of Trump, Obama, King George Jr, Bill Clinton and on and on. We cannot change the past. Use your energy wisely.

If all you want to do is cry and whine about how difficult this is, then stand down and get out of the way. Radical change is coming and you will be affected directly by it, whether you take part in implementing it or not. If all you want to do is be led around, surrender to the sadistic cults which are our political parties and their call to get in line, you go on and get in line. Again, get out of the way and lay your head on the chopping block. I will not be joining you willingly.

The Progressive Left has a growing momentum for change happening right now. We can do this peacefully through worker and consumer strikes, boycotts, protests, letter and email writing campaigns, turning off corporate media, sharing and supporting independent Progressive media, openly calling out every single source every single time they engage in lies/Establishment propaganda and efforts to indoctrinate the Left.

We have reason to hope. Let’s not waste it.

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