That depends on the charter school and the state. I used to live in New Mexico, the first state that implemented charter schools. Maybe when talking about education (or any topic) you should do more research than one propaganda flick. The results have been disastrous. No, I will not follow your links because you’ve already shown your bias. “Massive public school spending” would be spread over more public schools than corporate-owned charter schools. Nothing you have said negates the drive of charter schools to make a profit at cost to taxpayers and taking away from public school systems to do so. What you should be looking into is how many elected officials have financial ties to the corporations. But you would not think of that, would you?

Yeah, I used to work with AIDS patients on clinical trials in the 90’s when the “miracle drugs” were being tested. What part of “I’m a nurse” did you not understand? I think I know more about this than you do with your single anecdotal example.

No, that article did not only name phase I. Maybe learn to read.

“ Approval rates ranged from a high of 33.4 percent in vaccines for infectious diseases to 3.4 percent for investigational cancer treatments. Previous estimates placed overall success rates, from Phase I through to FDA approval, between 9 and 11 percent.”

Lastly, let’s say a drug extends a person’s life but leaves them comatose or paralyzed? Unable to live without a machine? What if it causes pain or other distress? Drugs are on trial. There are dangers involved.

Once again, try having a discussion with medical professionals on the subject. It’s obvious that you are not medically experienced and have only shared propaganda biased to your own viewpoint.

I really don’t GAF if you swallow rat poison. It’s your body, do what you want. That doesn’t mean it has to be funded and authorized for you to do so.

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Issues unite, names divide

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