That is cult thinking. 2020 is still 9 months away. Not all candidates have even announced their campaigns.

You cannot realistically say who is the best candidate until you read ALL the policy proposals of ALL the candidates. Plus understand the difference between policies and platitudes (talking points). Policies are defined, include details, estimated cost and time frames.

Besides, if you do support Bernie, you also support Russiagate, which is dangerous. Read this. You ignore election fraud because he does. You support Trump’s sanctions and demands of regime change in Venezuela. You support drone warfare. You support Pelosi, Schumer, the DNC elite, the duopoly and all the DNC stands for. Like expanding warfare.

Don’t be a cultist. Be an informed voter. Don’t make excuses. Don’t claim to be a revolutionary and then start making concessions 2 years before the election. How many more concessions will you make in that time? If he does not get the nomination, who will you support then? Whoever Bernie tells you to? Stop it. Think for yourself.

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Issues unite, names divide

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