That was 40 years ago and in the case of Watergate, it began with knowledge of an actual crime being committed. Russiagate is pretty much the exact opposite. They are conducting multiple “investigations” (House-ended, Senate and special counsel) beginning with allegations and trying to apply a crime after the fact.

Where did Russiagate begin? With claims that Russia hacked the DNC servers. Yet the servers have never been examined. That accusation was dropped. Then it went to “collusion”, never proven or even adequately defined. Then that Russia “interfered”, which does not implicate active participation by the Trump campaign. What they managed to prove with the 13 trolls was by no means all in Trump’s favor. They even sponsored Hillary rallies.

Why do they not focus more on Trump’s lies? Because they benefit from the changes. He said he was against regime change. They want more war. He said he would enact better relations with Russia. They want increased tensions.

I would love it if they challenged him on policies. Yet even on cannabis, they’re playing follow the leader. Schumer proposes (unwritten as yet) legislation to change classification. AFTER Trump changed course and said he favors allowing states decisions to stand. (Translated, removing cannabis from Class I.) If they challenge him on policies, that would mean they MUST offer counter-policies. Not just passive-aggressive complaints. So, instead they focus on Russiagate and Daniels. Better than having something to offer that their now mostly nonexistent corporate owners disliked.

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Issues unite, names divide

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