The Barr Memo And Mueller’s Silence

So, now Democrats and the media are complaining about the Barr memo and his statement that he must consult with various offices and agencies before releasing the full report. That is a completely reasonable statement.

First of all, the report must be evaluated by various agencies to assess whether it impacts national security. Now, this is highly unikely. However, consider what kind of absolute crap is often considered classified for no other purpose than to cover up illegal and unethical actions by our own government, especially the “intelligence” (sic) agencies.

Next, consider that Mueller referred some issues out to other legal entities to investigate further. Mueller had the responsibility of investigating Trump/Russia “collusion” and he determined that did not happen. Thus, anything he referred out would be something not related to Russia, possibly not even directly related to Trump. There are no more indictments pending. None. Zero. However, if any of the things he referred out were compromised by the immediate release of the full report, then Democrats and the centrist MSM would be screaming and crying that Barr damaged those cases intentionally.

The same people screaming mindlessly for the immediate release of the full report are the ones frantically pointing out that other legal cases are pending. Or I should say indictments. Keep in mind, indictments are accusations. Anyone can be indicted for anything at any time. They are not of themselves legal or criminal charges and absolutely not convictions. A former judge once stated that, “A grand jury could indict a ham sandwich.” His meaning is that indictments mean nothing.

So, all these people postulating on whether Barr stated something which is not in the Mueller report. Meanwhile, Mueller remains silent. If the Barr memo said something Mueller did not intend, don’t you think Mueller would say something to that effect? He released a statement a few months ago to contradict a Buzzfeed article but you think he would not correct the US Attroney General for misrepresenting the report he spent two years of effort on?!!!

Don’t take any of this to mean I trust Mueller’s motives. I absolutely do not trust “WMD’s in Iraq” Mueller who is now pushing “Russia interfered in our election by posting a few FB ads.” Maybe you can consider that valid if you are incapable of thinking beyond meme length. I am far more mentally capable.

If you think the Mueller report was going to be released in a format instantly available to the public, then you don’t think. Period.

There are also moves to make Barr and Mueller testify before CONgress regarding the report which most making these demands have not seen and have definitely not had time to read. It’s a show. It is pure theater.

Stop stomping your feet and pissing your pants in the midst of your emotional tantrums just long enough to apply some level of rational thought like an adult. You screamed for two years, “Just wait for the Mueller report!!! Just two more months!!!” Now it is your turn. Just wait for the Mueller report. Just two more months. Or less than that. This has been your damn religion for two years, not mine.

For once in your life, have some dignity.

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Issues unite, names divide

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