The Collapse of The United States As We Know It

Last article, I laid out how we have been living under fascism for years without recognizing it for what it is. No, it did not begin under Trump but it is absolutely advancing at rapid pace.

I always try and avoid what can be termed conspiracy theory unless there is truly compelling evidence to consider. Then I state it exactly in that way. However, there is no longer a question or doubt that America has ceased being America. Or maybe it never truly was and we are just becoming aware of that fact. With Pulitzer prize winner Chris Hedges recently publishing “America, The Farewell Tour” (Which is on my short list of books to read soon.), how can we disagree? More economists and banks who have led us into crisis are now admitting a worse crisis is coming and keep moving the time frame backward almost daily.

I’ve been stating for years the next financial crash is coming. I maintain a page on Facebook called The Coming Crash, where I post the evidence that this will happen very soon. The short version is that most know at this point about the petroyuan system being implemented by China, even though it is downplayed drastically by MSM. What most do not grasp is that China has other economic methods they can utilize against the US which they have no used. Like the fact that they are the largest single holder of US debt globally. This is in the form of US Treasury bonds. Should they so choose, they could sell those bonds. The net effect would be that other countries and private holders of US debt would see this happening and follow suit very quickly. If cashed in by our government, the US would be forced to borrow the money to pay off the loans. If sold on the international market, other buyers would be buying old debt. Ever had a loan bought by a new servicer? Same thing but on a larger scale. You get nothing out of it and your debt remains the same. Yet the buyers of the old debt would not be buying new bonds, which is how our government borrows money. The only other option is that the US defaults on the debt, which would send the dollar into freefall as our international credit rating dropped near zero and the dollar was devalued accordingly.

China stopped buying oil from the US last week. That was a warning shot across the bow.

That’s a small example of how tenuous our position has become. The stock market is maintained by a select few tech stocks by companies that don’t produce anything. Yet they maintain the value of their stock by buying back shares. Only today, as I write this, the stock market declined by 832 points.

That is the introduction. The dollar is due for a massive fall. Once it does, what happens? The obvious answer is social collapse. Inflation in double and triple digits. Job losses in the millions. Closure of retail and grocery outlets as consumers have no income to purchase anything any more. This would result in literal riots in the streets as people are evicted, foreclosed and hungry with no jobs to attend.

Think this is an extreme scenario? Not in the least. Most Americans cannot afford a $1000 emergency right this minute. Can you?

With such a high level of social unrest, Conservatives have the belief that they would have an advantage. Make no mistake, they probably have more guns but Progressives have greater numbers and most, like myself and my gf know extremely well how to use them. We also know survival skills. The difference is that Progressives do not rely on guns even mentally as a first means of response to problems.

Some believe the military are mostly Conservative. Not nearly as much as many think. Look at the numbers of minority and gay service members there are. These are people trained and experienced in combat. If ordered to suppress the populace, many will stand with the general populace instead in the long term. Plus there is the fact that most of our military would be engaged in conflicts in other countries. That number of conflicts would increase dramatically as our military ran out of weapons, ammunition and fuel. So the belief that the military would round us all up into camps is highly unlikely.

I’ve written before that the draft is coming. This will be part of that. National Guard units will be activated but entire battalions will desert at a time, unwilling to enforce the orders given them to exert what amounts to martial law on their own families and neighbors.

The same holds true for police. Police are limited in number and funding. They have families and friends that live in the communities they police. They can only physically withstand a certain number of hours of work. Then, when the budgets break and departments cannot pay them for what hours they do work, they’ll be in the same situation as the rest of us. Which side will they take? That’s not difficult to predict.

So many people are afraid of a scenario resembling Nazi Germany or something like that. They forget the Nazis had help from other countries when they came to power. Help like from the US, who supported Nazis to oppose the Soviet Union. Who is going to help the US government wrest control of a populace as large as our own? Nobody. Not when we are already broke, in debt and attempting to threaten our own allies. Even the US only helped the Nazis as long as there was profit in it. Once the profit ran dry, so did our support. We’ve already stolen, suppressed or broken all of our profit streams for other countries to bother offering help if they wanted to.

No, I am not suggesting this means we would have nonstop rioting and looting. Looting will definitely happen. However, the lack of the ability of the government to use force is what will save us from large scale violence.

Instead, it’s far more likely that warehouses will be raided, supplies shared among the populace. We would find ways to help each other. That’s what the poorest among us have always done to survive in the worst of times. Now we have the advantage of small scale renewable energy. I would expect neighborhoods to install systems which provide energy for all the homes in that neighborhood. Yeah, some of the supplies and equipment will be stolen from wealthier neighborhoods and commercial sources. Call that karma.

It may well be that the US breaks up into numerous smaller countries. This is a logical conclusion, as one state after another will secede to distance themselves from the crippling national debt, the draft and to form new trade agreements with each other and other countries. Some will have capitalist economies while others will have varying degrees of Socialist economies and social structures. The Socialist countries will be more successful while the capitalist countries will have more hierarchic arrangements with weaker economies. They may go as far as attempting to invade neighbors at some point.

It won’t mean complete disintegration, as the various new countries will likely join into a confederated arrangement of countries. This will be mandated because of the size and existing interdependence of the current states, travel, customs, etc. We will wind up resembling Europe.

I know many people are going to reject these ideas outright. Others will cry and whine and bellyache in an emotional spasm. However, this is all logical progression from where we are now. It will become a matter of survival. It will take place over a period of time but will happen in the near future. Emotional obsession with the idea of the “United States” will be displaced by more practical considerations if no absolutely radical leftward shift occurs. The chances of that happening are long past.

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Issues unite, names divide

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