I have written before how our “defense” (sic) budget does NOT include funding for VA, FBI, CIA or upgrading existing nukes.

Upgrading nukes alone costs over $100 BILLION per year, thanks to Obama.

Combine all those and we spend over $1 TRILLION a year on “defense”. That equals $3030 per every man, woman and child in this country PER YEAR. That is our COST. That is what we PAY IN every year for ONLY “defense”. Keep in mind that $1 trillion is merely a base number. That literal truth is that we have no idea how much we actually spend on our “defense”.

Just as we have no idea how many military bases we have globally. Consider we have at least 1400 military bases globally. Meaning at least 28 military bases PER US STATE. If each base cost ONLY $1 million per month (not year) for SUPPLIES, that’s $12 million per base per year. That comes to $336,000,000 annually per state which we pay for supplies for those military bases. None of that includes salaries, fuel or utilities for those bases.

Now consider the fact that many rich people and corporations pay NO taxes. Consider how many $billions, possibly $trillions are never collected due to corporate welfare, deductions, loopholes and stashing funds in offshore accounts. Companies such as GE have been known to pay $0 in taxes and may even collect refunds of hundreds of $millions per year.

The same corporations often collect $billions in corporate welfare in many different forms, usually subsidies. Oil, gas and coal companies collect over $30 billion in direct subsidies. That does not include the cost of oil spill cleanups, environmental damage, protecting shipping lanes, health care due to pollution and other costs. Like the fact that we pay for 40% of the surveys for new oil and gas sources. Money which the oil/gas companies profit from but never have to pay back. These subsidies are often sold to us as providing energy independence and economic security. So they truly belong in some way in our “defense” budget.

Yet try and explain why oil and gas are one of our largest exports and one of our largest imports. Each of which requires defending shipping methods and so is a greater direct military expense.

Try and explain why so many Americans think diplomacy is useless, feeding our own people is too expensive, yet they are completely okay with dropping over 40,000 bombs a year at a cost of $80,000 PER BOMB. (Which does not include shipping, security delivering the bombs, delivery systems such as jets or drones, pilots, ground crews, fuel…)

On a daily basis, we are bombarded with messages of how we have to defend ourselves. Yet what are we defending? Most Americans cannot afford a $1000 emergency. Millions have no healthcare. Millions more have insurance but cannot afford medications or deductibles. Millions declare bankruptcy every single year due to medical costs. Millions are homeless. Millions more continually on the edge of being homeless. Bridges and roads falling apart. Tens of millions in crushing student loan debt, enforced by the IRS. Medical and mental health issues decrease productivity and increase violence yet we “cannot afford” to pay for services that prevent these problems.

We are told that building bombs and fighter jets creates jobs. Really? So building bridges does not? How about food stamps? Do they NOT create jobs in grocery stores, farms, ranches, food processing, trucking? Medical care does NOT create jobs for doctors, nurses, imaging, labs, secretaries, medical equipment, even disposal of medical waste? Yet do so without killing children in other countries or result in refugee crises across the globe? That’s not a thing?

THIS is the cost of fear. THIS is the cost of listening to propaganda. THIS is the cost of willful ignorance.

THIS is the cost of listening to corporate “news” sources which are funded by war profiteers. The opposite, peaceful side of the coin is never revealed. It is beaten down, hidden, subverted and made to appear not “patriotic”. We who support building, peace, helping our own citizens are portrayed as treasonous, unAmerican, bleeding hearts, unrealistic.

Blame Trump all you like. I understand you may be just NOW waking up. Trump is merely a continuation of the same system. He is more obvious, more blatant than his predecessors. THIS is why he gets reported on so much. He reveals the truth behind the curtain. Of course, this is by ignorance, not intent.

We have been at war for 17 years. Under Obama we expanded bombing from 2 countries to 7 countries. We CAUSED the refugee crises across the globe. We CAUSE illegal immigration. The war on drugs CAUSES illegal drug trade. We have imposed sanctions on countries for decades and keep increasing them. What happens when ANY elected official merely suggests loosening sanctions on ANY country? What effect do sanctions have on their trading partners? Does the “news” tell you that? How do we enforce our sanctions? By threatening our “friends” with MORE sanctions.

If this is sounding like organized crime, that’s because that’s exactly what it is. Inciting wars then forcing other countries to pay us for “protection”. Peace talks and diplomacy are not allowed. Become friends with our “enemies” and our friends become enemies. So the list of enemies keeps growing longer. Pay for our weapons by the hunger, suffering and oppression of our own people. It is a scorched earth policy.

Russia is not your enemy. China is not your enemy. Immigrants are not your enemy. Minorities are not your enemy. Women are not your enemy. Poor people are not your enemy.

Corporate Democrats are not your friends. Republicans are not your friends. Corporate media is not your friend. They are all paid by the same sources.

Turn off corporate media. Until you do, you are NOT awake.

Are you getting this yet?

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Issues unite, names divide

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