The mindless will claim this is all about Trump.

The attacks on dissident journalists is directly tied to the attack on whistleblowers and has been going on for years. It began most fervently under Obama.

However, let’s not forget why Jesse Ventura lost a contract for a show on MSNBC. Why Chris Hedges was fired from the NYT. Why Ed Schultz was fired from MSNBC. Why Phil Donahue had a top ratings show canceled, also on MSNBC.

People love to cry and hew how Trump is a fascist. They do not understand the actual nature of fascism because they always want to attach it to a single name. Fascism is a system of power enabling power while crushing all opposition. We have been living under fascism in this country for decades and it has grown steadfastly while the media remains silent.

In other words, people are literally waiting for the fascist media to tell them they are living under fascism.

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Issues unite, names divide

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