The Next Crash Is Mandatory

We all know that another crash is coming and it’s not far off. Some will not admit they know it because of their own fear. Basically, if they admit knowing, it becomes real. Better to close their eyes, plug their ears and remain in denial. That’s not going to stop it.

Perhaps they think something will change and avert it at the last second, like some action movie. It’s too late for that. The timer on the bomb has reached 0 seconds, the fuse is gone. We’re just waiting for the actual explosion.

What I am saying is that anything that could have stopped it from happening was not done when it could have been done. Now it is unavoidable. Just a matter of when.

Honestly, the next crash started some time ago. It’s more of a phased demolition than an outright explosion. A planned demolition.

Some sources claim it will happen in 2020, some slightly later but not much. Others say it is going to happen this year. I’ve been expecting it for a long time and have stated numerous times it would happen sooner rather than later. The ones saying it will happen in 2020 or this year were saying not that long ago that it was ten years out. They revised their predictions earlier, I revised mine later.

Considering that the crash has already started, my own predictions have been far more accurate. The signs that the crash is happening now are all around us for those that are conscious enough to see. From the stock market falling in late 2018, barely becoming stable and then falling again, again and again. Those recoveries were false, brought on by stock repurchases funded by tax breaks courtesy of Trump and a bipartisan CONgress. I repeat, bipartisan. Now that theater has ended and stocks are falling again. This time, so are bonds. The federal bond yield curve has been inverted for months now, meaning 3 month bonds have a higher yield than 10 year bonds. Yet 3 month bonds aren’t selling. Not enough confidence in the next 3 months for them to sell. The stock market will not be recovering again. There is no more quantitative easing available. Bonds dropping means liquidity is dried up. Investors are pulling out.

Outside of the stock market, we’ve heard the reports. Wages flat or below real wage growth when accounting for inflation. More people without insurance than in decades. Consumer confidence and CEO confidence is down, capital investments are frozen in place or falling. We’re well on track to have more retail closures this year than at any time in US history. Contrary to MSM reporting, production is down as well. Mass layoffs tell that story. All of that is without even mentioning farm losses from extensive flooding through the entire Midwest.

So, it’s established that the crash has begun but isn’t yet being called that. It may be called a market decline or whatever term some WAR Street puppet uses to make it sound nicer. It’s still the later part of the leading edge of a crash.

Here is what many do not realize. That this crash is not only inevitable, it is now mandatory. This is the late stage of capitalism which Marx predicted long ago. This is the point where capitalism feeds on itself because there is nothing else remaining for it to feed on. The UN issued a report stating that capitalism is unsustainable at this point, as it is the greatest threat to the environment we face. I have written before, explaining how perpetual growth is unsustainable and not necessary. At this point in capitalism, only the largest entities have the capacity for growth and that can only happen by consuming all it encounters.

The coming collapse will be difficult, violent, tragic and will take lives. How many lives depends largely on us. How we function as a society, as a community to support each other and unify to stand against the economic powers attempting to oppress us even further. Attempting to feed on us.

We’ve allowed them to feed on us for far too long, allowing them to get stronger while we got weaker.

The good part is that when this collapse comes, that is going to be our chance to rebuild as something stronger, something more sustainable. Believe it or not, society can function without money. Society is older than money. There are societies in the world today which function without money. Am I suggesting eliminating currency? No. I am suggesting not allowing our society to be monopolized by those who hoard money and use it to rule over us. Could we eliminate money? Yes, we could but I know we are not yet evolved enough as a society for that to happen. Too many are too brainwashed.

What I am suggesting and what we absolutely must achieve is a society in which society comes first and foremost. Money comes much later and is not allowed to take precedence over life, health, environment or anything else. A society where limits are placed on capitalism and the rich pay their fair share. Where limits are placed on how rich a person or business can become. Where our government has no direct ties to business, thus corporate/business lobbying and campaign donations are criminalized.

This will be our only realistic path forward where we don’t wind up with just more of the same as we have now. The only people who support our current system are those who have benefited from this system until now, with no view or concern for the damage it has caused, even if they were aware of that damage. Some could claim at some point to be unaware but in the last few years they can no longer make that claim. They know but don’t care. Even as they see the system imploding, they think they will be immune. They are wrong.

Every end is a beginning. As this economic cycle comes to an end, we need to insure that this end is permanent. We need to lay unbridled capitalism to rest in a forgotten grave with no ceremony, no remorse, no bereavement. We can do better, we must do better.

Before that beginning comes to pass, we must suffer this collapse. Then build again from the ashes.

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Issues unite, names divide

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