The part of this article is that it turns this issue into a purely female issue.

Estimates say that at least 25% of rape victims are male. I do not hide the fact that I have been a victim of sexual assault. For many years I have tried being a model for men to admit this and many have only admitted to it publicly for the first time when they read my writing or heard me speak. I had friends in the Army who divulged privately to me they were also victims. Many times they had hidden this their whole lives.

Things are changing but for too long for a man to admit this meant he lost his masculinity in the eyes of both other men and with women. It leads to shame, depression, sometimes substance abuse and with men it often leads to some form of overcompensation which, like all forms of abuse, leads to continuing the cycle.

Sexual abuse is not a matter of sex or gender. It is a matter of violence over respect, dominance over equality, possession over recognition. In all cases it is dehumanizing.

I agree women are the majority of victims, that cannot be denied. But don’t turn this into a purely female issue. It minimizes, omits and diverts from the larger, more accurate picture.

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Issues unite, names divide

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