The Return of David Brock and Correct The Record

Last week, an article by David Brock was published on NBC News. On the surface, he appeared to be attacking Bernie Sanders to preempt a Sanders run in 2020. However, if you fully read the article, what is abundantly clear is that the intent was stating the DNC should avoid any and all Progressives and any Progressive agenda. No, I will not link to that article because I am not advertising in NBC’s favor for publishing it.

Brock is infamous for establishing an army of paid trolls for Hillary during the 2016 campaign called Correct The Record (CTR). During 2016, I moderated 4 Progressive groups on social media and we had a continuous battle to counteract misinformation, personal attacks and porn posts by CTR. Moderators for Progressive groups had to work 24/7 to block CTR trolls before they could inflict extensive damage, have our pages shut temporarily shut down and incite arguments in the middle of a substantive discussion regarding real issues. The attacks were continuous. At one point near the end of the primaries, one group was lucky enough to have a member who was a previous CTR member who provided a copy of their procedure manual, including a partial payment schedule. The rest we figured out by posting patterns. They were paid $0.30 per comment with a maximum of two comments paid. Yes, that was how much value they placed on the democratic process in this country. Though many were not even in this country. Many of them were in Macedonia. Ask anyone who moderated Progressive groups during that time and they will concur this statement. CTR also literally bought out Progressive pages, with one page owner selling the page for $9000.

In the past week, since Brock’s editorial, I have been seeing familiar patterns emerge again. Enrollment of new members to Progressive groups who sow dissension, push names over issues, attempt to divert discussions into a battle of personalities with no substance, personal attacks for not supporting at this point any number of Establishment names, Russophobia to the degree of McCarthyism. None of it is new, it is all a replay of 2016.

One of the ones I find the worst is the sudden influx of alleged Libertarians. Nobody has been hearing from them barely at all since 2016 and suddenly they are again becoming a presence in Progressive forums. Even worse is the belief by some Progressives that Libertarians are somehow aligned with our interests. I will devote a separate piece to Libertarians specifically, so I won’t go into detail on them here. Just understand this: Libertarians promote themselves as being aligned with us on social issues. Yet they oppose funding social programs. Progressives want to increase taxes on the rich, Libertarians want to eliminate taxes. We want increased wages, Libertarians oppose the very existence of a minimum wage.

You cannot support social issues and oppose funding social programs. They basically align with Progressives on two issues- ending wars and legalizing cannabis. Economically they are worse than right-wing Republicans.

The real point here is that their disappearance and sudden reappearance is definitely something to be questioned openly. If they are genuine, they will not be surprised or offended by such questioning.

Keep in mind, this is early 2019, not 2020. The primaries are a full year away. So the deception, division and deception is beginning far earlier than it did for 2016. We are already being inundated with messages promoting centrist candidates and messages. None focus on issues except in vague platitudes. We are hearing attacks against Progressives and Progressive policies on all sides.

It is beyond question that the DNC has learned absolutely nothing since 2016. Not even to use different attempted deceptions or different voices. We’re hearing the exact same faces speaking the exact same words. It will not be long before they are telling us how they do not need us, that we need to be “reasonable”, that we are being childish, that we “just want free stuff”, that we are being manipulated by Russia.. and if you think “But Trump!!!” has been bad until now, just wait. It will become a deafening cacophony that never ends. Our voices will be increasingly censored. Our groups will be banned both electronically and physically from forums and events. They will still beg for our money, though.

I fully expect that Progressives will be forced to create our own forums and venues due to censorship on social media platforms and direct government interference. We will face accusations of violence once again just like Nevada. I wonder if Barbara Boxer will be around to flip us off?

That’s okay. I’m up for it. Are you?

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Issues unite, names divide

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