The US is still engaging directly in and enabling numerous genocides outside our country against brown skinned people right this minute. We are bombing 7 Middle Eastern and North African countries. Look at the condition we created in Libya, North Africa. We have troops in 50 of 54 African nations right now. Crippling sanctions killing tens to hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans. Honduras is now a death trap thanks to US-enabled and orchestrated regime change. Shall we mention Haiti? How about Puerto Rico?

One part of the illusion is blaming everything on Trump, making believe that no racism and no problems existed in our country or government before he came along. The same people make believe it will all be righted once Trump is gone by whatever means.

No, once Trump is gone, they will simply stop talking about it, just like they did not talk about it before Trump. They don’t talk about the genocides in other countries even now. Not even in Haiti.

IN this country we have genocide in the form of police shootings, mass incarceration, poverty and inadequate access to medical care. There is no way to truly count the victims.

No. We cannot allow this conversation to be silenced, not now, not when Trump is gone. It is time for our government, our society to stand up and be accountable for our past and our present. It’s really the only way to prevent the same in the future.

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Issues unite, names divide

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