No doubt you have heard that Nikki Haley is departing as US ambassador to the UN. Typically I would capitalize the title of ambassador but I seriously cannot bring her to do so at this time.

I find it not even surprising she is being praised by MSM. I have pointed out in the past that MSM is nothing but the advertising wing of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). We see advertising on MSM “news” stations from companies such as Boeing, Raytheon and Northrup-Grumman. When there is discussion of any potential military confrontation which could and should well be avoided by diplomacy, the people we see and hear representing the subject are retired generals and admirals under the payment system of some military contractor or a publication that also profits from advertising for the same weapons manufacturers. Never do we hear from true diplomats suggesting any path to peace. Just US bombs splattering more innocent blood, destroying entire civilizations.

So it is natural that they would have glowing words for Haley, the Waffle House waitress that Trump saw fit to represent the US in front of an assembly of international statespersons. While most ambassadors try to foment mutual respect, compromise and paths to peace, Haley has shown what a trailer park America truly has become.

Every moment of her time in this position has been marked by the attempt to intimidate other countries, prove how America can bully the entire planet at once, increase tensions and present false narratives while refusing to even consider investigations into her accusations against any country at all.

The most amazing thing of all is that the same MSM “news” sources continually attack Trump for his disgusting threats against other countries and then praise her for issuing those exact same threats, sometimes slipping up and announcing administration plans before authorized to do so. Trump threatens a country? They are hard on the attack. Haley issues the same threat to the same country? MSM is suddenly a cheering section for the exact thing they attacked seconds earlier.

However, her belligerent performance before the diplomats of the world merely portray an all too common illustration of the indoctrination of the American mind. Arrogantly talking down to and about other world leaders. Threats of force endorsed by both political parties, advertised by our media, reinforced by religion. As long as we have guns, the world should bow to our bidding without question.

Never mind that those guns are purchased with money whose value is sheer fantasy, resources stolen at the muzzle of those guns and built using other resources obtained from countries we now threaten with the same guns. Because that’s going to work out really well.

So, while she is going to finish out the year in her position, she will doubtlessly try and offend as many people in the UN as she can in her remaining time.

Then we get to look forward to what monstrosity will replace her. Who can be even more offensive and turn even more of the world against us. Because there is no question that trump will not appoint anyone with diplomatic skills to the post.

Maybe he’ll give Hillary a call and offer her the position.

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Issues unite, names divide

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