The Wall Versus Russiagate- Both Massive Lies

For several years now Americans on each side of the aisle have been deceived and divided by some of the biggest lies in the history of this country. Each one of these lies are potentially or actively deadly. Each side which supports either lie refuses to see it. They prefer their delusions over any question, any fact, any reality.

Obviously I refer to the border wall on the right and Russiagate for centrists. The far left opposes both lies. Yes, I know that we face many lies on a daily basis but these are the two largest, most dangerous current lies we are dealing with.

Trump’s wall is completely based on a web of lies. Honestly, the lies predate Trump by decades and many of the same lies were used by Bill Clinton in the 90’s.

One lie is that illegal immigrants are stealing jobs. This has many facets. For one, the jobs most illegal immigrants take involve farm labor, which most Americans will not do. In 2011, Alabama tried cracking down on illegal immigrants. The result was crops rotting in the fields, leading to farmers losing profits and possibly even their farms. Agricultural communities lost revenue because those immigrants were also consumers. Meaning small local businesses and agricultural services companies lost money. Then there is the fact that the unemployment rate in Mexico last available for August 2018 was 3.3%, while in the US current unemployment is stated to be 3.7%. So they have a lower unemployment rate than we do.

Another aspect of this is that the immigrants are stealing jobs in the first place. They’re not stealing anything. They are hired by American capitalists seeking to pay low wages. If you get fired so a business owner can hire an illegal immigrant, the immigrant did not fire you, the business owner fired you. The immigrant is simply seeking to survive just like you are. You have more in common with that immigrant than you do with the capitalist.

Another lie is that illegal immigrants are causing some massive crime wave across the country. Pay attention. You hear some anecdotal stories of illegal immigrants committing violent crimes. Most of those stories are years old and did not happen this week, month or year. If it happens so frequently, why do you have to go back years and repeat the same old stories? Because the truth is that it so rarely happens. Even if you hear of a story that happened yesterday, put it in perspective. How many crimes happened yesterday in this country? Crimes by illegal immigrants are statistically irrelevant, accounting for less than 0.001% of all crimes on record. This is all true while violent crime is at a 40 year low nationally. McAllen, TX on the Mexican border is reporting the lowest crime rate in 33 years.

One more lie is that illegal immigrants cost taxpayers a fortune in welfare. I won’t even make the argument that they are not eligible for welfare. Instead, I wrote another article where I ran the math. If every single illegal immigrant collected welfare, the total spent from your paycheck on illegal immigrants would come to a maximum of 0.5% of your pay. In other words, $0.50 per $100. That calculation uses a maximum far above any officially available estimates. You know what does cost you money? The war on immigration. Building and staffing detention facilities, feeding detained immigrants, providing any medical care provided, transportation, heating, cooling, water, garbage, clothing, detergent, toiletries, etc. All that costs far more than any welfare they ever collected. And that is before laying one brick or post for a wall.

One story that used to be passed around a lot was that people came here for medical care from Mexico and South America. Have you noticed you rarely hear this claim any more? That’s because even most Conservatives now know that Mexico began implementing universal healthcare in 2012. Something we still don’t have. So do Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay. Almost every country in South America. Quality of care? Have you heard of medical tourism? Americans are taking vacations to South American countries for elective medical care because the vacation at a resort and elective medical procedures combined cost less than the US, while offering high quality care.

That list could keep going but I think the point is made. Time to get to the other side of this coin.

Russiagate. This has been a raging headache for me since July 2016, as it has for any American with the ability of critical thinking.

I’ve pointed out a countless number of times that Russia had no motive to bother with our election. I challenge people continuously to name one profit motive Russia would have without mentioning Trump’s name. Just focus on what Russia would gain. 95% of the time they fail to offer any response at all. They cannot offer any argument except TDS- Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Russia paid off the last of their national debt in 2017. Since then, they have posted a budget surplus two years in a row. Some people love to argue Russia has debt and quote a number they looked up online. Yes, all nations have rolling debt. The question is whether they can pay those debts. Russia has the lowest debt to GDP ratio of any G20 nation, at less than 13%. By comparison, the debt to GDP of the US is 105% as of the end of 2017. It has increased since then. If you don’t understand that number or term, just know that the higher number is bad, not good.

In spite of the absolute propaganda shoved down your throat, Russian trade is expanding even in the face of sanctions placed on them. Meanwhile US trade is shrinking. China is no longer buying oil from us. The EU is largely fighting against the US to buy oil and gas from Russia.

Some claim Russia wants to dominate us militarily. First, that has absolutely nothing to do with an election. Second, Russia spends less than a 6% equivalent to the US military budget. They have 8 military bases outside their country, we have over 800 foreign bases. So for every 1 foreign base Russia has, we have 100. Meanwhile, one should note that Russia has universal healthcare while in the US, VA funding should be considered a cost of defense, as it does not include all US citizens.

For those that believe some nonsensical story that they want to sow discord, again ask yourself one question: Why? What do they get out of that all by itself? The joy of laughing about it? Because that’s worth risking WWIII? Turn off your reality TV shows and join reality.

No actual difference. In the effect both of these delusions have on this country, there is no difference at all.

The cost. The cost of both of these delusions is extensive in all ways. The wall is expected to cost at least $20 billion plus maintenance plus increased manpower indefinitely. Russiagate has led to military budget increases of over $80 billion. In each case, this leads to funding denied or even reduced for social support programs, so Americans suffer in real terms and the economy will absolutely suffer.

Stress, anxiety, depression. In social terms, mostly thanks to the media, we have a level of stress and animosity in this country which has not been seen before. Rates of clinical depression and anxiety keep rising. The media doesn’t care. They just sell more advertising space for mind altering drugs and beer commercials. You have high blood pressure? No? Well, keep watching! You will!

The real point. The real point of both of these fantasies is diversion. As long as you remain focused on immigrants or Russia, you pay no attention to what WAR Street is doing to destroy this country. As along as you believe “the other party” is favoring immigrants or Russia (deemed enemies), they keep us divided. If you keep fighting your fellow Americans and some invisible distant threat, you have no time or energy for the real enemy. The enemy whom you are actually paying money to willingly after they rob you blind.

Gangsters. It’s basically like a protection racket run by organized crime. They create the perception of a threat, make believe the threat is from someone else. Then you pay them to keep you safe. Stop paying them and they stop “protecting” you. Red gang or blue gang doesn’t matter, they both use the same racket.

If we are going to move forward as a nation in any way that benefits our citizens, we have to stop this. Open our eyes to the real problems we face, the real enemies in our midst. It has nothing to do with Russia or immigrants. Our best weapons are not weapons at all. They are information, picket signs, shoe leather, phone calls, votes for actual Progressives and boycotts.

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Issues unite, names divide

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