The Warmongering Has Begun

After Trump issued an order, long overdue, to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, the warmongering media and the Biden pre-administration went ballistic. This was a response which did not take days or even hours. It happened in minutes.

Within hours, the corporate media was publishing one rationale after another to express their fantasy justifications for extending the 19 year US military presence in Afghanistan and 17 year presence in Iraq. “Explaining” why US troops should be kept in harm’s way in countries which do not want us there.

Not once did they or will they mention the fact that the Iraqi parliament voted unanimously to expel US forces, making our military presence a military occupational force, illegal under international law. Just as the corporate media never mentions that our presence in Syria is illegal under international law.

Within the same hours, Biden managed to come out of his basement to have a public, poorly devised, hastily constructed, panicked remote meeting with his transition team. During this overtly disorganized and substance-devoid propaganda media display, Biden used such key phrases as “diplomacy” in direct conjunction with “maintaining American leadership” in international relations.

The obvious translation was abundantly clear. Threaten all nations, friend or foe, in an attempt to maintain US hegemony.

The Trump order will leave 2500 US military personnel in each Afghanistan and Iraq in allegedly advisory roles. The media spastically claimed that leaving so few personnel in each country places them at higher risk of attack.

Know what? I agree. So don’t leave ANY American personnel in those countries. Bring every single one of them home. Now. Immediately.

It was easily predicted what the media would claim. That terrorist attacks in these countries had recently escalated. Funny thing, this was the first time they bothered to mention any of this at all.

Something else they failed to mention was the Washington Post 3 year investigative report which detailed exactly how much of a failure and charade the US military presence in Afghanistan has been. 600 interviews showed our military has had no clear mission and often contradicting missions since the very beginning. Our own military leadership has stated the war in Afghanistan is unwinnable, especially in light of the fact that there has never once been a definition of any specific goals which could measure any “win”. As of the time of that report in 2019, the US military had suffered over 2300 deaths and nearly 21,000 injured personnel, NOT counting PTSD.

There is no question regarding the intricate ties between corporate media and the far too large and far too powerful Military Industrial Complex. There is no question regarding the whoring of elected officials at the highest levels to MIC contractors willing to sacrifice millions of lives globally for the sake of “campaign donations” and their own bloodlust for power.

There is never a debate by our media, Congress or the Executive Branch about increasing military spending. There is no limit even suggested to war spending. No inquiry and no accountability has been demanded for $21 trillion which went unaccounted for between 1998–2015 by the Pentagon. Keep in mind that the Pentagon budget did not even equal that sum for the entirety of the time frame. Keep in mind that this amount is in addition to the spending they were budgeted and could account for.

There is never a debate or barely a mention of the amount spent to bail out corporations and failing banks, mostly by the Federal Reserve with no Congressional approval even required, yet the American people will be indebted for multiple generations to repay the Monopoly money created to prop up this failed system.

However, bring up spending to save lives from a pandemic, from economic collapse, save 30–50 million Americans from being evicted, provide general medical care even to the disabled and elderly and suddenly we have a massive, unending debate over how much it costs and how it will be paid for. In other words, when Americans face an actual threat which has cost many lives and will cost unknown numbers more, then we have to talk budgets.

Yet the most disgusting part is not that corporations push their agenda of greed and control, not that executives sit at the top and investors pump money into murderous technologies, not that elected officials will sell this country to this blood-stained system. The most disgusting part is just how many Americans are completely willing to cheer at the next war, willing to become enraged at the idea of withdrawing our sadistic military presence from countries where they have no business, eager to divert monies from humanitarian efforts, including for fellow US citizens and use those monies for mindless, endless slaughter.

Just as long as the slaughter is done in the name of their own preferred cult. More so if their investment folio contains “defense” stock.

If you object to withdrawing military personnel from war zones because you have a problem with the name associated with that withdrawal, then he is not the one with challenged ethics in this case. You need to reconsider your views and be honest with yourself about who you are. If you are willing to allow so many military and civilian lives to be destroyed for your hate of a name, then ask yourself who the monster is.

Issues unite, names divide

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