There is no evidence of Russian interference other than a few (private company) Russian trolls that did not exclusively promote Trump. They also promoted Hillary and Bernie. Remember the Bernie coloring books? Besides, for every $1 the trolls spent, the top 2 candidates spent $2000. Yes, for real. And half of the trolls money was spent after the election.

I’ve been telling people for years to focus on issues. Issues unite, names divide. Will they do that? No. They are literally addicted to hate, fear and anger. It is an actual addiction. They seek it out numerous times a day. What did Trump tweet? What did Fox News say?

Russiagate can only lead one direction if it continues. To war with not one but two nuclear powers. Russia and China. Because of the danger to them, Europe may well take the side of Russia. What then?

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Issues unite, names divide

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