These Are Not Opinions, These Are Facts

Some people like to say my writing is opinion. I do not deny I have opinions which I voice but those are based on facts. Here are a few of those facts:

War is bad. I will skip the obvious that war kills innocent civilians in other countries that are no threat to us. War is profitable for the rich and expensive for the poor and middle class in numerous ways. The rich make profits from weapons sales, the rest of us subsidize those weapons sales. Weapons contractors are notorious polluters who are protected from consequences of their irresponsibility because “national security”. The vast majority of military recruiting centers are in low income neighborhoods. Look at how injured veterans are treated, how many are homeless.

Censorship is bad. I don’t care if you like Alex Jones or not. I don’t care if it is corporations doing the censoring. When corporations own nearly all media in the country, they are the government. Even Hitler understood that when you control the media, you control the narrative. That does not have to apply to an elected government. In this case we are being governed by corporations. They censor the left as well as the right. Look at how many anti-war voices they have silenced and ask what is next. Try and find a valid debate on MSM which even allows universal healthcare an equal representation.

Russiagate is bad. Russiagate, issuing mandates to other nations leaders and sanctions are not peaceful. If you think they are, let someone deny your right to buy food, increase how much you spend on items, tell stories about you with no proof and tell you what you must do. Then tell me how friendly you feel. Will you simply accommodate their demands or stand up to them? This has led to increased international tensions, including with our alleged allies, increased “defense” spending, social division and media censorship.

Lack of medical care is bad. Medical care should be a right, not a privilege. While people claim owning a gun is a right, the same people think medical care is a privilege. How do they resolve that in their minds? They think denying care decreases cost? Not when you factor in long term effects of heart attacks and strokes, blindness, kidney failure and amputations that result from chronic diabetes or high blood pressure not being controlled. It means paying more money for critical care and long term care which could have been avoided. It means people becoming disabled who were previously self sufficient, productive members of society who worked and paid taxes. Then they become medically dependent and someone must foot the bill for their care. Know who pays it? You do.

Increasing national debt is bad. Some people want to claim that national debt means nothing. I’m looking at you, MMTers. Each nation has a credit rating and currency is valued against other currencies. When a nation proves it cannot or will not pay it’s debts, that currency becomes devalued and results in runaway inflation. MMT is equivalent to borrowing real money and trying to pay your real debt with Monopoly money. Try it and see how that works for you.

Hunger is bad. Just like some think medical care is a privilege, some think food is a privilege. So let me take away your food and medical care and then you can tell me how you feel about it. Let your children go hungry for a year. We produce more than enough food to feed everyone in this country. Nobody should be hungry. Yet we waste tens of tons of food every single day for the profits of the rich. No, it has nothing to do with farmers or ranchers. They already got paid and would continue to be paid if we fed everyone.

The record stock market numbers are bad. The stock market being up is not a sign of wealth for the nation. It is a sign of income inequality. Corporations are using profits and tax breaks to false inflate stock values while paying off workers by tens of thousands. For every one share of stock you own, the rich and corporate executives own 10,000 shares. If you work for a corporation and their stock value drops, you may be laid off permanently so they can keep their money.

Income numbers are bad. No matter what the media tries to tell you about incomes and employment being up, look around you. Vehicle repossessions are up, new home sales are down, student loan defaults are at record numbers, consumer debt is beyond anything sustainable. Has your income increased? If so, at what cost and to whom? How about your neighbors? Is their income up? How many jobs do you or your friends have to work to pay your bills? If you have to work 3 jobs to stay above water, that’s not success or economic stability. Layoffs are up. Automation is eliminating jobs faster by the day.

The duopoly is bad. For over two years I have heard people talking about breaking the duopoly, understanding that we need more than two parties. They understand that the two parties have the same goals. More warfare, more profits for the rich. In full theater, the GOP wants to eliminate the ACA which results in corporate profit while the DNC wants to continue the ACA which is corporate welfare. Both parties abhor universal healthcare. Both are paid off by insurance companies and drug makers. Both parties are bribed by military contractors. More Republicans voted against the defense budget increase than Democrats did. Yet as they ramp up to 2020, those who claimed to be against the duopoly, many people are signing on to perpetuate it. “But Trump” and “name someone else who can win”. Isn’t this the exact same thing we heard in 2016? Word for word? So they want to change basically nothing but the name on the label. Support a name while the party endorses nothing of the policies they want. Keep the same parties doing the same things and keep believing like a religion. Because that has worked so well for the last 40 years.

So, tell me where these are opinions and not facts. Show me specifically where I have said anything which cannot be proven. Tell me I am wrong and you are saying the facts are wrong, even when it is in front of your face.

I’m going to keep doing what I am doing. I am not going to defend myself again. I am going to block every single person who asks me to name a cult to belong to. Who do I think can win? I’m not sure but I will stick with my conscience. Because when you surrender that, you’ve already lost yourself. Or maybe you were never there to begin with.

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Issues unite, names divide

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