This Crash Is Intentional And Planned

For quite some time I have been expecting a major economic crash for this country. At first I did not realize it would involve so much of the rest of the globe. However, even when the crash of 2008 occurred, my response was, “This isn’t it. Something much, much bigger is coming.”

The evidence was easy to see and I have tracked the factors leading up to it over years. Marking off mental check boxes as policies and preventable occurrences happened, watching the pieces fall into place. Instinctively or subconsciously identifying each occurrence while also striving to expand my knowledge and understanding to how and why.

Very early on, I realized one thing. That the coming economic collapse was preventable, planned and intentional by major forces in the global economy.

I know some are going to claim this is a paranoid conspiracy theory. It’s not. As stated, this is clearly identifiable. Are there literal evil agendas and motivations at play? Yes, there are but much depends on how one defines evil. One cannot deny there are major global forces intent on warfare and destruction.

Though what is more common is a sociopathic apathy to human suffering based on greed. This is far more common in the general public than many wish to believe. Apathy can be as or more destructive than malice. Malice is focused, apathy is not. Apathy can include those willing to close their eyes to atrocities committed by their government or corporate entities out of individual desire for inexpensive food, fuel or even luxuries. Apathy can be caused by paranoia, xenophobia or prejudice. It is always accompanied by willful ignorance, claims of innocence, retroactive claims of lack of knowledge no matter what opportunities were available to gain that knowledge.

Since 2017, I have administrated a page on Facebook which shares details of the evidence for the collapse which has been growing over time. The page is named The Coming Crash. The introductory pinned post from the day I created the page reads as follows:

“Anyone paying attention knows the US dollar, the petrodollar, is going to crash in the not distant future.
Many claim in the next ten years. Personally I say in less than one year.
Wall street will not tell you the truth about this. Because Wall Street, investment firms, etc are grabbing everything they can before it happens.
When you turn away from Wall Street and listen to economists that are NOT deeply tied to Wall Street, more and more of them have the same thing to say. They are shortening their time frames more daily. Most of the time they do not paint as bleak a picture as I do. I get that. If they go too far, they will place their reputations on the line. But read between the lines at what they are saying.
Don’t start with the Trump bashing up in here. It does nothing productive. He has virtually nothing to do with it. The most he is guilty of is not doing anything to stop it. But he’s a moron. He has NO understanding of macroeconomics and he hires people who have an agenda for the rich.
I have been predicting this for ten years. Up until earlier this year, it could have been avoided. Not any more. Nothing will stop it.
Forces are at play right this minute and this is the end game.
The rich KNOW the crash is coming. They are accelerating the process. They are making as much profit as they can and when it comes, they will be on jets out of the country before you even know what’s happening.
So, this page is about the forces at play that brought us here, the evidence that it is coming and what we can do to protect ourselves financially.
Make no mistake. The economic crash will be followed or accompanied by civil war. I may not be posting primary posts about that but it will probably come up in discussion.”

Since the inception of that page, we have come to where we are now. Economists even tied to Wall Street admit that a crash is coming. Many still try and downplay the severity while others are more honest and state that it will be worse than 2008, worse than 1929. Too many are claiming this will all be due to COVID-19 but read back through the archives and you can see clearly there is no truth to that. Many will claim it would not be happening if Trump were not president. Again, not true. He has admittedly made the situation worse but not by as much as the media would have you believe. Others believe Trump will save us but that will not happen.

Another realization came to me in 2016. That this crash is not only unavoidable, it is mandatory. Even if choices were removed from the rich now driving it, it would still be unavoidable and imminent. The time frame may change, the circumstances would change but the economic result the same. This is simply because of the vast number of Americans unwilling to accept that change must include changes to themselves. Some may cry for change but too many insist they should benefit from those changes while sacrificing absolutely nothing monetarily, socially, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually. It just does not happen that way. You cannot change the world while maintaining the same world view and position.

Right now the world is in crisis because of the Corona virus. If we had dealt with the problems instigated by greed before this point, we would be having difficulties but no lives would be in danger by anything other than the virus itself. The wars being waged right now are the product of greed, so even that danger to life would be removed. Now this virus has served to illustrate the weaknesses in our system, in our society. It will continue to do this at the same time that the repercussions from the virus serve to change the balance of world power, which is long overdue.

During this painful time in our immediate history, western governments, media and capitalist opportunists have tried to use this to their advantage, illustrating the apathy and malicious intent described above. For power, for profit, for division. Meanwhile those we have deemed our enemies have either offered assistance to all nations freely, such as China, Russia, Cuba or have requested humanitarian assistance, such as Iran and Venezuela. Only to be denied and in fact had additional sanctions placed on them in sadistic actions by our own government, worsening their already existing often fatal suffering which far surpass our own.

This episode in all of our lives is frightening, stressful, anxious, uncertain and painful. Sadly it will become more so. The strongest among us must stand up to defend the most vulnerable. Meaning vulnerable medically, physically, politically, socially, economically, financially and emotionally. There is no time for excuses or procrastination. There has been enough of that for far too long. The can has been kicked down the road but the road has ended.

It is now up to us to determine where we will go when this crisis has ended. Time to awaken and understand the lies which have been forced upon us and we accepted far to readily. Time to throw away false divisions and baseless arrogant superiority. Reject the idea that there is any normalcy in the boom/bust cycles we have experienced over and over and told this is how things must be.

The hoarding and competition we are experiencing is not due to lack of resources necessary to survival. It is caused by doubt in our system, doubt in our society, doubt in capitalism, doubt in our government. In other words, doubt about all the things we claim make our country “great”. What we can NOT doubt is that THIS is the TRUE America. THIS is the country that WE have created. The fear, uncertainty, emotional pain and anxiety which you are experiencing now is the result. It is also the range of emotions our country has imposed upon billions of human beings for decades, in other countries and in our own. What you are experiencing may well be only a small shadow of what they have and are experiencing.

We have the power to change it. Now more than ever. What is needed most desperately is the will to change it. Having the will means giving up our fear and that is the biggest reason this crash is mandatory. Many times, for the majority of people, bravery comes solely from the knowledge that what they have known is lost or uncertain beyond recovery, leaving them with nothing else to lose in intentionally participating in revolutionary change. Fear and loss are powerful motivators. Most historical revolutions were many years in coming until some final trigger event.

We have the means to change it. Now more than ever. What is lacking is the motivation to break from habit and use the tools at our disposable to educate ourselves rather than perpetuate our own indoctrination. We must use our access to information and communication to form social cooperatives focused on change which prevents coming back to this point in the future.

It is beyond time for this country to evolve beyond the competition and barbarism which has dominated our culture for generations. Instead, we must realize that we are stronger together building, sharing our resources. Not only within our borders but across all borders. The mindless excesses which have been used to preach expansion and endless consumption have done far too much to destroy quality of life, life itself, the environment and the future of our children. None of this is sustainable and leads only to worse outcomes in an acceleration with no brakes beyond this point.

Capitalism, exceptionalism and imperialism brought us here. Only cooperation and social movements will bring us out of this. From here we make the choice of war, destruction, fear, hate and destruction. Or we make the choice of peace, diplomacy, cohesion, equality and cooperation. Use this time effectively during this crisis. Such an event, such an opportunity will not come again. This is our last dance, our last stand.

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Issues unite, names divide

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