This is complete garbage and nothing but propaganda.

For any economy to function requires consumers to have funds to spend. That is not happening. When citizens of this country are dying from lack of medical care, unable to afford life saving medications, suffering homelessness and exposure, declaring bankruptcy due to medical costs, you can not claim prosperity.

The economic “growth” you speak of is going directly to the top. Wages are not only stagnant but declining. Ford, GM and GE are laying off by tens of thousands. Sears is bankrupt, Toys R Us and other chains no longer exist. No, US Steel is NOT building new plants. Carrier, Harley-Davidson and others are sending jobs to other countries. The money from tax breaks has been used to repurchase stock prices, causing an artificial rise in the stock market.

You have no understanding of economics. You are nothing but a propagandist. Your students are not served at all by your opinions expressed as teaching.

Here, challenge this.

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Issues unite, names divide

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