This Is The “Resistance”

Democrats gained control of the House Tuesday. So what are their announced plans to do with that victory?

Multiple DNC committees have announced plans to pursue more Russiagate, subpoena Trump’s tax records and numerous other “investigations”.

So, this is how the Dems are going to spend the next two years. Have they mentioned even one policy they intend to introduce that helps the American people? None. Nothing. Not one word.

Pelosi actually stated the Democrats will pursue and agenda of “bipartisanship”. That sounds like a far cry from “resistance”, doesn’t it? Not to mention she announced before the election that they will implement “Pay-Go”, where any increase in spending must be balanced with an equal cut elsewhere. She announced that right after the Dems voted 100% to increase “defense” spending, with another increase planned for next year.

Feinstein made a speech talking about how we have “big problems”. Then failed to mention what any of those problems are. Then she talked about how we must be specific in how to deal with our problems. Then offered no specifics. Yes, this was a planned speech. She even had notes in front of her.

Today the big spastic hand-wringer is “protect Mueller”, since Gollum.. sorry, I meant Sessions.. is stepping down, resigned by Trump’s request. Mueller could keep his probe going by doing one thing. Producing evidence that his probe has come up with any evidence at all implicating Russian interference in the election. Nobody with the capability of rational thought thinks that will happen. In fact, it is well expected he was going to announce the end of his probe with nothing compelling to offer. No, I will not argue with the mindless sycophants on this issue again. Don’t bother. I have better things to do with my time and feel my brain cells dying each time I have to explain this issue yet again.

You can follow one Democrat after another and you will find the same rhetoric regurgitated like rancid road kill swallowed whole. Although road kill has substance. Their rhetoric has none.

Now that the midterms are over, don’t expect to hear much of anything at all for months from the DNC except garbage related to Trump’s taxes and Russiagate. Not until the campaigns for 2020 kick off. If they even come out in public before then, they run the risk of being asked questions about issues. Of course, they run no risk of being accused of not living up to campaign promises because they didn’t make any!!!!

Seriously, if they are confronted with accusations that they lied, their literal response can be absolutely honest. “No, we didn’t lie because we never actually said anything.”

I think it’s time we demand more.

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Issues unite, names divide

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