Trump’s Tax Returns Change Nothing

So, this week people and especially the neoliberal media have been raging about the release of Trump’s tax returns showing he did not have as much money as he claims.

Numerous problems with this.

First, the most recent of those tax returns is what? 25 years old? A lot can happen in 25 years. I’m not sure I had ever heard of Trump 25 years ago. If I did, I basically ignored what I heard. Then again, I ignored The Apprentice. I may have watched some part of that show twice and still ignored most of those episodes.

How many of you had heard of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or Steve Jobs in 1994? Even if you heard some mention of Apple or Microsoft at that time, did you know the name of the CEO’s of those companies? Windows 93 was largely ignored. Microsoft did not seriously take off well until the release of Windows 95, leading to Bill Gates being one of the richest men on the planet today. Even that was accelerated enormously with the release of Windows 98.

Getting the point here?

In no way am I claiming Trump has anywhere near the wealth he claims. He’s an idiot who has claimed bankruptcy 3, 4, 20 times? I lost track and don’t care. Why do you?

Nothing about the release of his tax returns changes one decision he has made.

Nothing about his tax returns reverses one single policy, many of which were not opposed by “The Resistance”. The tax break for the rich? That was voted into law with a Democratic majority in favor. Remember the shutdown over DACA before that budget passed? It lasted one weekend. It ended when big money donors told the Democrats to cave and they did. In fact, the Democrats in CONgress took a long weekend and ended the shutdown on Tue or Wed after that weekend. Every one of them still got paid.

Since then the “Resistance” has confirmed at least 15 Conservatives to lifetime appointments to federal bench positions. They have not only approved of increases to the WAR Dept budget, they gave Trump more money than he asked for by tens of billions of your money per year. We have seen an increase in the “defense” budget of $10 billion one year and $20 billion the next year, totaling $30 billion in just 2 years. With another increase already planned for next year. No end or decrease in the budget increases in sight. Not mentioned at all.

Has the DNC opposed Trump’s aggression toward Venezuela, China, Russia and Iran?

Legalizing cannabis? Trump has suggested that more times than the DNC has.

Changes to our electoral process? Paper trails? The Dems make a huge show of claiming the GOP blocked their budget request for that purpose but that is something which is actually handled and budgeted at the state level, not the federal level. This is why some states have paper trails and others do not.

Yes, you are buying into this every time with no thought, no question.

Has the DNC looked at one (lame, dishonest) peace effort made by Trump and tried to alter it, make it workable, make demands which would make peace a realistic goal? No, they oppose peace itself and then increase military funding.

Has the DNC endorsed universal healthcare? Or, as a party, still continued oppressing support for Progressives and push the corporate welfare program known as the ACA? Have they suggested eliminating deductibles or even placing caps on deductibles? Placing a cap on profit margins means nothing when corporations can claim billions in advertising, executive bonuses and stock repurchases as expenses. They can keep increasing your premiums and deductibles infinitely with no limit suggested.

Has the DNC or corporate media stood to defend Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and by extension freedom of the press? In other words, your Constitutional right to be informed of what your government is doing?

Has the DNC ever stood up and admitted that the DNC itself is a private entity, not a government agency?

Has the DNC admitted that FB ads are not election interference? Or that any “Russian ads” accounted for less than 0.8% of all political ads in 2016? That when calculated honestly, any ads by Russian trolls accounted for $1 for every $4000 spent by candidates before the election? No, keep talking about Mueller and Russiagate.

Trump’s tax returns have changed nothing. Not one thing. Keep telling yourself that this is “resistance”. Keep telling yourself that you are informed, awake, aware, Progressive, peaceful, caring, or want what is best for this country.

YOU haven’t changed, either. Nothing in this country will change until YOU change. Until then, YOU are continuing the same cycle, the same system, the same reality show. You want change? Start by looking in the mirror.

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