I posted a tweet to Tulsi Gabbard yesterday evening. She is the most likely member of CONgress to take action on it.

In this tweet, I asked her to introduce a bill banning any company receiving federal funding or subsidies from advertising. Especially military contractors and oil companies.

This would have implications as well for drug companies, insurance companies and more but my main focus is that the weapons contractors make nearly every penny through federal funding. Oil companies get tens of billions a year in direct subsidies and tens of billions more indirectly, including oil/gas sales to the military and federal agencies. These companies then use money obtained from federal funding and spend it on advertising, promoting themselves to the public.

It gets more complex than that. The money they spend on advertising makes corporate media favorable to them and their positions on any given subject, including promoting warfare. MSM does not want to give up the advertising revenue, so they use representatives from these industries as “experts” on news broadcasts, with no opposing view presented.

You know the sayings, “follow the money” and “hit them where it hurts, the wallet”.

It is highly likely the media would be far more objective and critical of these industries if they were not being paid hundreds of billions of dollars a year to be biased. Money that comes out of your pocket, out of social support programs, out of infrastructure repair…

We hear continuously that this country cannot afford universal healthcare, universal adult education, infrastructure, universal child care and on and on… Yet we can obviously afford to pay for our own propagandizing, our own brainwashing while corporations pick up the check.

People bemoan how biased the media is on a daily basis. It is a sad fact of life that most of those people don’t bother examining WHY the media is biased. They don’t bother examining how the profit system works to perpetuate that system. We’re told it is normal. Only because we have made it normal. We have accepted it and assimilated it as being normal. Some people even defend this system. We are sold the idea that media costs less because of advertising. Even as we pay more for the products we buy, subsidize many things we don’t buy. In each case, we pay for advertising. We pay for cable and satellite television, only to have them push advertising down our throats. We have product placement in movies.

Yet if we want news without corporate bias, we are forced to turn to independent media, sometimes paying for that or donating via Patreon or subscription fees. At least then we have some chance of hearing/reading some semblance of an objective view, not paid advertising disguised as “news”.

Maybe it’s time that “news” anchors stopped being celebrities who get paid millions of dollars a year, paid by corporations making billions of dollars a year that earn that money promoting other corporations that make tens of billions of dollars a year. That entire scenario can only result in the propaganda machine we have in this country right now.

Too many Americans still rely on the corporate biased media. If we want to change that, we have to change the approach which makes the media biased. So this would be a good first step. By taking away federal funding used for corporate propaganda.

Issues unite, names divide

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